Tuesday, August 4, 2015

{capture life}

I am passionate about documenting my families life I have been addicted since the birth of my son Royce who is now 18 really for years before that though I loved to journal and be creative in my diaries (my friend Rachel can vouch for that) I scrapbooked my school years and have treasured memories of those times and precious photo's of those we have lost... so  I couldn't wait to post and share this with any of you who may get some inspirtation from my beautiful friend Heidi - as soon as I read and watched in the wee hours of this morning I wanted to share with you all the importance of Capturing your Life - this lady is such and inspiration and my heart aches for her.

In Heidi Swapp​ Words:

Everyone loves photos - most of us have 1000's printed or stored on devices time machine, precious memories, people we love, place we have been, adventures we have experienced - the actual moments are fleeting....

Capturing becomes part of our history these photo's become defining moments of our life.

Capturing Art of life doesn't have to be complicated, it's as simple as printing photo's and jotting down your memories.

The ONLY thing that matters is doing it.........

Take some time to read Heidi's story and I urge you all to take part in this - Capture your Life........



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