Friday, May 31, 2013

{maggie's class @ Creative Adventure Downunder]

It has been a little hectic since I arrived home from NZ - my first ever trip overseas and it was FANTASTIC!!! Spent 4 days with some great friends, met new friends created some fabulous pieces that I am in love with and got the chance to be creative with some of the most talented ladies EVER.........

My first post on the recap of Creative Adventure Downunder

My last class for the weekend was with the talented 
NZ gal Maggie Ben
Maggie Ben

Maggie did an amazing job with so many ladies in the class it was a little hectic but I am stoked with my end result.

Maggie's class was a layout - but being the Memory File gal that I am I converted mine I think it turned out great!

This post is for you Maggie....... :0)

Maggie's Layout

The layout featured refined NZ beeswax we melted it over a chipboard 'Create' word then sprinkling  blue/green/bronze coloured perfect pearls over.  The results were amazing!
The layout also featured soft white and teal polka dot feathers, with a trail of little paua shells thanks Maggie it resulted in a little 'Kiwiana' to remind  international visitors like me of the beauty that is NZ.

Here is my version - Memory File style....

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  1. You absolutely nailed this Kylie. A beautiful interpretation. Would love to attend one of your classes sometime!