Friday, December 19, 2008

{proud mum}

This week has been very busy with Class parties and School Presentations, it was not that long ago I was debating on if I should go to see Heidi Swapp which I so WANTED to do I hear she was of course fabulous.

But I knew that the date could clash with the kids school presentaion night so I did not want to take the chance and thank goodness I stayed, both Royce and Chelsea did very well, Royce is going into year 6 next year and decided to run for School Captain and guess what............................


School captain

  Royce was named the 2009 School Captain

We are so very very proud of him - and he is very proud of himself.....

Royce also recieved the Moster Maths Medal for his year - he was even more happy about this :0)



The Scrappingclearly newsletter have been great and lots of positive feed back has made it all worth while.

The Guest Designer spot is going great also anf the girls have been creating some awesome albums, if you are interested check out the guest designer link for me details.

I will add this weeks link in the next post...



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  1. Congratulation's Royce. That is a great achievement. xxx

  2. Well done to Royce Kylie....that's such an honour and a responsible position to hold.....

  3. Congrats to Royce - he must be some young man! Good for him!
    jk x