Monday, June 23, 2008

{weekend news}

Well we had a great weekend :) - Friday night was spent at home the boys watching the footy and us girls in the scraproom watching a movie and trying to get the scrapbooking room in some sort of order (yeah right)

Saturday of course was SPORT day - Royce headed to Junee, this under 11's team is an awesome little team very very hard to beat just good all over the paddock, the tigers put up a good fight but where no so lucky.

Chelsea and I headed to Cootamundra for soccer - Chels's team has not won a game all season but she loves it and has fun so that's all that matters, then of course I headed to Tumut for Hockey we are going great guns after beating the top of the table team last week we had another win, only not so good bit was I landed a hockey ball to the back of my head still a bit sore but not knocked out which is always a bonus :0).........

Saturday night I went to my great friend Sharon's 40th bday bash cocktails and cocktails and more cocktails we had an awseome night plenty of laughs with the girls -  and to my suprise no headache this morning besides from the hockey ball.

Today we just relaxed - Royce did his ball boy duties for the local first grade League team and the rest of us Tout's just cleaned up around the house - we move the rabbits to the new chook yard and they just love it, I think that tilly may be having kittens so that will be interesting, Imade Pumpkin Soup and it was Y U M M Y even if I do say so myself.

And last but not least our biggest news this weekend is I brought Royce home a big surprise (thought my husband would hit the roof lol) but no he is a big softy. He has been wanting one for himself forever so here it is.........................................Collagehis name is Cracker!

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  1. Aw.... he's so cute!! Me and Vin wanna doggie too... but DH said no because we like to go away a lot... Maybe I should try your trick Kylie? ;-) Can't wait to see the LO's about Cracker!