Tuesday, March 11, 2008

{A whole new week}

Okay so I am finally posting - so much going on at the Tout's latley!

I am posting now while I sit in a motel room at Albury both Royce and Chelsea are swimming for their district tommorrow.

Royce won 11 years boys @ his school and @ his region!

Chelsea came 2nd in her 50 Freestyle and 1st in the relay so she is keen to swim too!  Pool_chelsRoyce_pool_11_years

Chelsea has been busy with her cheerleading and Dance Team class, we had her meeting on Saturday and the both teams will be attending the National and State titles held in Sydney and Brisbane so she is sooooo so so excited about this as I am too, it will be such a fabulous experience for her!                                                                                                               

I have been ultra busy getting organised for the SIA Trade show I have my booth ideas for scrappingclearly.com.au just about organised I think!!!! or at least I hope!!!!

I have goodie bags for the booth and for my class which is on the Wednesday  - the Fabulous Jen Hall will be teaching the BE CLEAR class.

In this class you will be creating a clear acrylic album filled with your favourtite photo's and accents including the new scrappingclearly VINYLS the album will be small enough to fit into your tote or bag, the class will be lots of fun. Alison Shearer will be in charge of the make and take table which will also be fabulous.

Ok so I will up date more soon I hope you all haev a great week.

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