Wednesday, January 2, 2008

First day for 2008

Well our first day for 2008 was spent just relaxing around the pool - Chels had a ball playing with her cousin Carly.

We headed down to the races to watch a friend ride in the last race but it was so hot, we came home not long after, the weather the last few days has been hotty hot hot!

Royce has his best friend staying over tonight and they are sleeping in the tent which Royce got for Xmas - which means fun for them but Chels is upset has it is BOYS ONLY,

so....... I have promised to camp with her tommorrow night :0)

GIRLS ONLY this has made her happy again :0)


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  1. Happy New Year Kylie!
    Lovely pic's as always
    jk x

  2. Aren't they cute.