Tuesday, January 1, 2008

A little peek at everything

Well like most we have had a very busy silly season it all started with Chelsea's dance concert.

This year she was in Tap, Jazz and Ballet so there was lots of dress changes and lots and lots of dancing.

After school was out we headed to the Bay to pick up our seafood and last minute chrissy shopping the kids got to have a play at the beach with their cousins they had the best afternoon in the surf. Later that night we enjoyed Fish and chips on the wharf and the checked out allthe fabby Xmas lights (Chels has her very own Xmas light story).........


Casey's Beach - it took us forever to drag the kids from the surf, royce and chelsea just love to get amongst the waves, thye don't get to do it all that often.

And of course they had a play in the sand and sifted for shells, the weather was fabulous too....

I love the photo of chelsea running away from the waves she had so much fun chasing the boys and waves.

Hopefully we will get back there before school is back in.

On the way to the Bay Chelsea stopped at Pooh's corner to leave one of her Pooh Bears in the cave she was a little unsure is should leave him but once her was there she was happy.


Chelsea has had her Pooh bear since she was 1 and she sleeps with him every night, last year he went missing and it took us months to to try and give her other teddys to keep her company until David won her another Pooh at Luna Park, then out of the blue her pooh turned up so Chels decided that her old pooh would like to live at Pooh's corner on the way to the Bay.

I think he looks great with his honey pot in his new home and lots of kids will get enjoyment from him on the way to the bay.

Christmas eve was spent in at my sisters the kids enjoyed swimming and well like all children they where just busting to get home to get to bed in anticipation for Santa.


and of course xmas day was spent at home we had a fabulous hot lunch cooked by dad and over 30 for tea which is cold meat and salad, our family does the Secret Santa and we each received some great gifts


thank goodness for Picasa....... and last but not least

Nan had her 70th birthday yesterday and everyone of her family was there besides my brother to celebrate the day!!!! (although I had that yucky bug that everyone seems to have had and did not party too much it was awesome to see our family all together and my grandparents where so proud to have their siblings, their grand children and great grandchildren all in the one spot ..... happy birthday Nan


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