Thursday, October 4, 2007

{A whole lotta everything}

Well again long time between posts - "Such is Life" a very busy busy one in fact.


Where to start - the last week of school saw Chelsea run in the infants school athletics where she took out the blue ribbon in the 100m - fast fast fast I told her I could see flames under feet lol.

The soccer presentation was also on and the girls did very well Brianna took out the Coach's award so she was very pleased with herself!

And Chelsea made to SILVER level at the school assembly look out girl here she comes!!!! and she recevied a merit award too - good girl!

Our Rabbits well what more can I say they have grown so fast here is a collage to prove it :0) They are ready to be sold next week.


As David wason his annual Footy GF Weekend the kids and I batched it for the L/W. Friday started with our School's Trivia night and you will never guess but this Blonde and a few other blonded actually one the Trivia night and it was such a good night.

We also had a christening on the weekend for my very good freinds little baby James he was such a good boy, and I took the opportunity while we where all dressed up to get a few shots.


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