Friday, August 31, 2007

{10 years on and it Still makes me Sad}


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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

{and the WINNERS are}


Yes WINNERS I have decided to give away two RAKS!and a mystery RAK...

Thank you all so very much for playing along I am busting to see if you all decided to play along at the MOJO and join in on some lift challenges this week we lifted Elsie Flannigan............... love this girl's fabby creations!.


Ok so the winners are :

  1. Mini Album Cheryl

  2. Friendship Canvas Melanie

  3. Mystery RAK Sheree

I will be in touch girls :0) hope you like!

Stay tuned for the next round of ??????'s :0)

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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Mojo Challenge

Well challenge 26 at the Mojo saw the DT lifting ELSIE FLANNIGAN wohooo this girl has such fabulous work - I am really pleased with my version of Elsie............


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Monday, August 27, 2007

{Who wants to PLAY}

Who knows the answers to these questions???

             all 10 questions must be correctly posted to this blog by Tuesday 28th August. 

All those who have posted the 10 questions correctly answered will be thrown into a hat and Chelsea will draw out the winner!! :0)

The winner will receive a RAK from me on behalf of the Design Team @ the Mojo Holder!!!

  1. How many Design Team members @ the Mojo?

  2. What is the current Challenge #?

  3. Who is the latest member of the Mojo Design Team?

  4. Which Design Team member Scrapped the Layout titled "Blessed Humor".

  5. Which talented lady had her page lifted for Challenge #22?

  6. Which Design team girl will teach the Mojo's first class?

  7. Who was the RAK winner for challenge #23?

  8. What colours where used in Emma's lift for challenge #23?

  9. Design Team member Kelly has a blog what is the Blog's banner title?

  10. How many layouts are featured in the Design Team entries album?

Goodluck :0)

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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

{Character Parade - Book week}

Today the kids had their Character day at school - to celebrate Book Week.

Little red riding Hood (aka) Chelsea Tout and my little pirate Royce.

The kids had fun and the teachers all dress up too so that was fun.

Here is a collage of the day


Other news is that I have created a class for the Mojo Holder the class is  step by step instructions and will be uploading to the mojo blog next week on wednesday 22nd 8pm gmt time which is 11.00 am est.

The class is based on Elsie Flannigan style!

I hope some from down under can join in....its as they say in the UK a stonker of a page  :0) and i cant wait to see how many UK girls will join in also.

This is the mojo's first of many classes and we have lot's more in store @ the mojo so head over and take a peek.... also at this week's challenge.

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Sunday, August 19, 2007

{Mojo is Live}

Take a look at the MOJO this week's challenge # 25 is up and this week the Mojo team lifted from a fab page by Jlyne Hanback.

We also welcome Sandie to the Mojo team!!!!

Here is both Jlyne's and mine

Toughjob  Jylnes_lift

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Friday, August 17, 2007

{Fiskars has a New Blog}

Some exciting news!!! Fiskars has just launched it's fantastic new  BLOG!

The blog is maintained by very talented team of Australian & New Zealand Fiskars Ambassadors, and, along with loads of ideas and inspiration, Fiskars has got some exciting things planned:

  • Monthly Challenges

  • Product Giveaways

  • Online Workshops

So, head on over and see what's new!! @ FISKARS!!!!!!

If you check out the Blog now Fiskars is running a random draw to win a Fiskars Craft Drill!

All you need to do is post a comment before 28th August for your chance to win this fabulous Fiskars tool :0).

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

{The King of Rock and Roll}

Today's post is dedicated to honoring the 30th anniversary of the death of the one and only King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley.


Our beloved Elvis Presley died of heart disease and prescription drug abuse at his Graceland mansion on Aug. 16th, 1977.

(Mum this page is also for you - a die hard Elvis Fan)

Elvis: The Quiz

Do you know the words to every song on Elvis: 30 No. 1 Hits (BMG, 2002)? Or is your only Elvis point of reference a vague memory of Mos Def singing: ``Elvis Presley ain't got no soul''?

Here's a quick quiz to determine your Elvis IQ.

Your favorite Elvis movie is . . .
A. King Creole or Flaming Star or Blue Hawaii or Jailhouse Rock or Viva Las Vegas or . . .
B. That one with with the singing.
C. Bubba Ho-tep.

When Elvis died, you . . .
A. Were so distraught you had to leave work.
B. Learned why the family dog was named Lisa Marie.
C. Hadn't been born.

You know Elvis is . . .
A. The King.
B. Still dead.
C. A ringer for Johnny Bravo.

The last time you heard an Elvis song . . .
A. Was on your karaoke machine - last night.
B. His hologram was singing with Celine Dion on American Idol.
C. Your aunt was singing along with her ringtone.

If asked to do an Elvis impersonation, you would . . .
A. Have to decide whether to get the blue suede shoes out of your special Elvis box.
B. Do a lip sneer and say: ``Thank you. Thank you very much.''
C. Use your Cash Cab shout-out for advice.

If you answered mostly ...
A's: Congratulations, that's Love Me Tender status. Tell your boss that you have TMi's permission to stand on your desk and sing All Shook Up.
B's: It's Now or Never fan. Col. Tom Parker would be disappointed, but we expect you to be humming ``just a hunk, a hunk of burning love'' the rest of the day.
C's: Heartbreak Hotel level. Try to remember that Elvis Presley and Elvis Costello are different people.

Some Elvis info

By the time he died on August 16, 1977, Elvis had revolutionized popular music, starred in over 30 Hollywood movies and reinvented himself in Las Vegas as a kind of all-American superhero, the iconic man in the gilded jumpsuit.

But the next phase was arguably just as big and has run longer.

As fans gather next week in Memphis, Tennessee, to mark the 30th anniversary of Presley's death in what backers have dubbed the "The Summer of Elvis," it is clear that The King is still taking care of business.

Thousands of Elvis devotees are expected to make the pilgrimage for a packed calendar of events endorsed by Elvis Presley Enterprises, the firm that manages his lucrative estate.

"We're gearing up for the best Elvis Week we've ever had," spokesman Todd Morgan said.

For a start, there is the Elvis Expo at the Memphis convention center that features sold-out appearances by members of Presley's TCB Band and former wife, Priscilla Presley.

There are tours of the Presley birthplace just down Highway 78 in Tupelo, Mississippi, including the hardware store where his mother, Gladys, bought Elvis his first guitar.

The main event is an overnight candlelight vigil at Graceland that will be covered live by the all-Elvis-all-the-time Elvis Radio channel on Sirius Satellite Radio. Some 50,000 fans are expected to attend.

Elvis-branded merchandise abounds, including a new banana-creme-flavored Reese's Peanut Butter Cup from The Hershey Co. that encourages buyers to "Live Like The King," with a playful nod to Presley's own well-documented penchant for excess.

Other anniversary spin-offs include a limited-edition run of Elvis-themed Harley-Davidson motorcycles and what is billed as a first-of-its kind, robotic singing bust of Elvis, circa 1968.

Former pop-star Marie Osmond, who knew Presley, is selling a limited-edition doll that imagines an infantile Elvis in pompadour, clutching a microphone and sporting his familiar American-eagle-themed jumpsuit.

For farther-flung fans, two-dozen Elvis movies are being re-released on DVD, including "deluxe" editions of "Jailhouse Rock" and "Viva Las Vegas," and cable channel TV Land has dedicated a month to Presley programming.


Colonel Tom Parker, the Dutch-born wheeler-dealer who managed Presley, said that while Elvis, the man, had passed away, the legend -- and the marketing -- would live on.

"Elvis didn't die. The body did," Parker was quoted as saying 30 years ago. "This changes nothing."

Forbes magazine ranks Presley as the second-highest-earning dead celebrity after Nirvana's Kurt Cobain, with an estimated $42 million from licensing deals in 2005-2006.

That represents a 40-fold increase in revenue since 1979, when Priscilla Presley stepped in as an executor of the estate after the death of Elvis' father, Vernon.

Since opening to the public in 1982, Graceland -- the ornately appointed Memphis mansion Elvis bought for $100,000 in 1957 -- has become a major tourist hub with some 600,000 visitors a year and more growth planned.

Entertainment mogul Robert Sillerman bought 85 percent of Elvis Presley Enterprises in 2005, with the remaining 15 percent of EPE owned by Presley's daughter, Lisa Marie.

Sillerman has described a vision for a new Graceland visitors center, convention hotel and digital museum intended to create the effect that Elvis never left the building.

As part of that transformation, Sillerman, who is chief executive of EPE parent company CKX Inc., is attempting to take the company private in a partnership with "American Idol" creator Simon Fuller.

In an "Idol"-style departure from its own tradition, the Presley estate has sponsored a contest for Elvis imitators -- rebranded as "tribute artists" -- culminating Friday in Memphis.

"This is something new," said Joe Moscheo, a member of the gospel quartet the Imperials that played Las Vegas with Elvis and one of the "Ultimate Elvis" contest judges.

"There have been impersonators of all shapes and sizes and nationalities for years, but the estate never recognized them. They didn't want anything to do with the guys with the wigs with the sideburns. They thought it cheapened the image," he said. "Now they look at it and say, if they're going to be out there, let's control the thing."">Funeral

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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

{I have been creating}

Well after decided late Friday afternoon I joined in a Cyber Crop - I just needed to get in scrap and gets some Mojo Happening ...... so after some great challenges here is what I created

My First Ever DIGITAL layout

Raceday_digi_challenge_2 Well who what of thought that I could even create this but yes I did - so proud of myself lol.....I really like it and can see myself having a go at some more pages in the near future :)

I also created this layout from a sketch


Snow_queen This is another Layout which was also a challenge this is a photo of Chels @ the snow all furr!!!!

Memyself_and_i_cover_2 Memyselfandi_page  And this was a Jpurnal we had to make and I so love it- have a few more pages completed so will upload those soon!

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Saturday, August 11, 2007

{New pages to my Everyday Life Journal}

Well I have been busy adding pages to my Everday Life Jounrnal - gott a say I am loving this little book it is getting so FAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have psted my new ones but to see them all check out the link to the left.....


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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

{Scrapbooking Memories ScrapRoom}

I have just been having a peek at the  Scrapbooking Memories Scraproom  you can find it here!!!

And I was quite to suprised too see that my Lil Davis LO is the Most Visited Layout 875 views - thanks girls glad you liked it!!!!!!

There are some awsome layouts in the scraproom so if you looking for some inspiration you should visit!

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{Mojo's Challenge 23}

Head on over to the Mojo Holder and check out this week's challenge # 23.....

The layout is lifted from Suzanne's Blog here is my version of Suzanne's Layout but go and take a look at the the other Mojo girls totally different lifts!


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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

{rocking blogger}


Well I am now a Rockin girl Blogger too thanks to miss Kelly thanks Kelly mmm now who to tag!!!!!!

The fabulous Jen Hall, and miss Belinda both Rockin girls!!!!

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