Monday, July 30, 2007

{Updates and more Updates}

Well the children had a very busy first few weeks back at school, new readers HOMEWORK and of course that cancelled the Athletics Carnival.

Royce and Chelsea have been so looing forward to the carnival and were jumping out of their skins Friday morning.

Chelsea had to compete in her 8 years age race and the 200m Junior girls race she ran extra fast in her age race to receive the BLUE ribbon and she ran great in her 200m heat to place third.

Royce well Royce had a FAB Day he placed 1st in the Junior Boy Longjump, Discus, Shotput and 3rd in the High jump, he came 1st in his 10 year age race and 1st in the 200m this huge effort awarded hin the overal Junior Boy of the day - so proud of them both.......


We had sport on Saturday. We are all coming to the end of the seasons the kids only approx 3 games left. Royce's team will be inthe finals so he is really excited about that.

Royce and David travelled to Young for the Footy and Chelsea and I had Chels's soccer at home and then off to Hockey in Tumut.

Chelesa was sick through the day with high temps, we ended up at out patient on Sunday but she is is fine now.

Of course I was one of those who was busting to get the new Harry Potter book and yes I have read it and the ending well I will let you read it :0).

The kids got back into their Piano lessons  this week David and I really enjoying listening to the kids play, they are really going along well.

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  1. Well done Royce and Chelsea I am very proud of you