Thursday, May 24, 2007

{All in one Long Post}

Well much has been happening and I have not had time to just sit and relax for ages and ages!!!!

So Ihave plenty to update on................

FIRST A HUGE HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY GREAT FRIEND LEE - hope you had a wonderful day and I miss you heaps and heaps!!!!

Lee Lee_kylie

So I am bummed that the BLUES where just beaten - now we will have to bring it on next game!

On Saturday we had Cy's 21st had a huge night and some of us had big headaches the next morning.


Upload for Shop and Crop was Tuesday and this week it was on Friendship

Friends_lo This is Chelsea and her cousin Deri, best of Friends and sooo much alike in more ways than 1............

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  1. Hey Hunny!
    gee - love those glasses and feather boa ;)
    and love the journaling heart!