Tuesday, April 10, 2007

{Weekend @ the Races}

         We had a fantastic time at the races on Saturday the horse cam 4th but it was a fab day!

We had a few bets and ended up out on top thank S5000623goodness to a buddy Bob who gave us four winners  for the day!!! :0).

I went along with my brother and his girlfriend, my dad and some family friends.

We had Mambo running in race 3 he jumped through the barriers before the race started which was a bummer but he ran 4th and will run again  nect week!

After the last race in Sydney the band started up in the members are were we where and they were great all 80's could have stayed all night.

After a few too many drinks my dad came to remove us from the races how funny 32 and my dad is still dragging me home lol.

We headed out to the buses and our luck we jumped on a bus and it got 100m up the rodw and broke down the poor guy a bus full of drunks and nowhere to go - we ended up jumping of onto a nother bus and headed back to the Coronation and a great tea and a really great night.


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1 comment:

  1. sounds like a fun day and night!!! had a giggle about your dad dragging you home!! lol! i have to say too, you have so many pretty dresses!!!