Monday, April 23, 2007

{My Weekend}

Lots happening this weekend Royce had his first game of footy for the season on Saturday, so we headed to Cootamundra for most of the day they were beaten but all played really well :0).

Saturday night we had a friends 18th yummy food ( I am bias though my dad was the chef) we did not have a late night still getting over last weekend and Melissa's 30 th bash!

I have just spent the arvo completing my "Stuff of Life" class created by the very very  talanted Nichol Magouirk. The class goes for a few weeks and here is where I am up to the products are very yummy and I love it so far!

Nichols_class_2 Check out what is in store for me can't wait for next class LOOKS FAB!!!!

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