Sunday, March 4, 2007

{Winners are Grinners}

Well last night was our local Touch Football Grandfinals.

The team I played in made it through to the A grade women's Final and yipeee we won 2 - 0 was a really good fast game and our girls played really well, I don't have a team shot but I will get one soon :0).

I have played Touch football since 1988 I was in year 8 at highschool and trialed for a school side and was selected ever since I have totally loved the game. Our school team was very successful and went through and won the School Shield twice, after competeing against other major towns from these wins 4 of our team were selected to play in the RIVERINA Schools side which is a massive effort for a small School/town.

                          Here is shot of our team, wish I still looked that young :0)

Touch_1I am last on the right second row :0)

Anyhow over the years I have been lucky enough to have played with lots of my friends and have been in some really great competivite teams amd finals.

Played in teams with school friends and girls that are just great mates.

Teams like Dicko's Dolls my very first team, Moeys, Touty's Tarts, which played for years together, Tucker box Taggers, Lee's Legends, Rick's Chicks, Baldy Badgers, Foxy Family and this year was the Brickettes.

Each year was heaps of fun and it is great being part of a team sport.

I have worked out theat All up I have played in........

13 A Grade Women's Touch Finals and only lost 3.

Which I think is a super effort and everyone of them is a great memory!!!!


1989 A Grade Runners Up

1990 A Grade Premiers

1991 A Grade Premiers

1992 A Grade Premiers

1993 A Grade Premiers

1994 A Grade Runners Up

1995 A Grade Premiers

1996 Pregnant with Royce

1997 A Grade Premiers

1998 A Grade Premiers

1999 Pregnant with Chelsea

2000 A Grade Premiers

2001 A Grade Premiers

2002 A Grade Runners Up

2003 A Grade Premiers

2004 A Grade Premiers

2005 A Grade Premiers

2006 A GRade Premiers

2007 A Grade Premiers


Imgp0057 Unfortunaltey though it seems that if your team is not that good nobody cares but if you team is good most are jealous.

Again this year we were the favoutires BUT only family and friends were barracking for us most wanted us to loose. I guess to others it might not be fun for us to win all year but our team has fun - hey if we loose we loose but if we win that great and were excited and at the end of the day we are just a bunch of great friends playing a game we love, so Congrats to the Brickettes for a successfull year and here is to an even better year next year :0)!!!!

Can't wait- Oh and because we won last night next Friday we are off to Cootamundra which is a town 30 mins from us to play there A grade winners last year they came to Gundagai and we actually won so this year we head over there so I am sure they will be out for revenge - BRING IT ON!!!!!! lol

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  1. nice to know all those years driving you to sports etc. was worth it and you still enjoy playing congratulations on the win.

  2. It's don't strike me as a football player...LOL
    Congrats on this years win & all the others too:)