Thursday, February 22, 2007

{Our trip to see the Boats}

So with much excitement we took Royce and Chelsea down to Sydney yesterday to see the 2 big boats on the harbour. We joined family on the Vagabond boat at 7.00pm and sailed out to get up close with the two ships.

Wow were we impressed the atmosphere on the harbour ws unreal there were more boats then their were Australia Day it was packed, and there were people EVERYWHERE. Thetraffic was just gridlocked in the city and it took us an 1hour from Hyde Park to get to Circular Quay.

After we docked we had to walk from CQ to Pitt street just to get a taxi - (IN heels too) but the buzz was unreal again the streets were packed!!!

Royce had been reading stas on the Boats for days before so he knew they were going to be big BUT not that BIG the Queen Mary is spectacular I just wanted to climb aboard and sail away!!!!

Queen Mary 2 Facts:

·        QM2 towers 61m above the waterline, which is two metres higher than the road deck on the




·        From the bottom of her keel to the top of her funnel, QM2 measures 72m or 4.6m higher than the highest sail on the Sydney Opera House

·        QM2 is 3.5 times the size of the Titanic

·        If stood on her end, QM2 would be 40m higher than the top of the 305m-high



·        QM2 boasts 1017 cabins – or almost double the number of rooms at the new-look Hilton Sydney - making her one of the world’s largest ‘hotels’

·        Both Cunard liners were christened by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II

·        QM2’s whistle – is the original whistle from the first Queen Mary – it can be heard up to 16km away

Annual tea consumption onboard QM2 would fill an Olympic-sized swimming pool

The fireworks were as usual spectacular and the kids had a an unreal time!I

I have a photo collage I took over 100 pics so I had to narrow it down :0)

Collage10 Qm2nyc1 Qm2shipqe2sml These two photo's are from the site above............................

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  1. WOW what an awesome experience for you all.

  2. Brilliant pics Kylie and LOVE the facts (thanks Royce)
    Im envious of everyone who got to see these boats close up. Glad you had fun :o)

  3. Looks fantastic pleased you all had a good time