Friday, January 12, 2007

{Heaps tp catch up on}

Ok so yes I have heaps and heaps to tell slack blogger so I am now telling you all at once lol......... so here goes!  and thanks to Lee and her Piacasa I can show you much quicker although I am still learning as you will tell some heads are missing lol!!!!


Photoblock says it all - amazes me at the amount of stuff I have won and the camera is a little beauty, don't think I will ever get through the 100' and 100's of photo paper.

SO HUGE HUGE thanks to Scrapbooking Memories..................


Next had a huge Xmas with Lunch and tea at our house and then boxing day we did it all again, had a great 2 days lots of food family and friends. The kids were of course spoilt rotten and recived lots of great presents.

David spoilt me too with a beautiful really tall cane lamp which looks fab in our lounge room and the kids gave me a gorgeous red watch.

so here is a glimpse!!!! of Xmas 2006 at the Tout's :0)


Royce got this really cool remote contol boat for Xmas and he tested it out in our very low dam with his best friend DerekBoat. Derek also recived a similar boat and it was quite funny Royce ran straight over the top of Derek's so David had to strip off and save the boat before it sank, but I pormised I would not post his rescue lol......

Well I think I will end it here and post again tommorrow heaps of holiday shots so thanks for checking in :0).

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  1. WOW girl look at that stash!!! Very very cool.
    Loving your pics too.