Saturday, December 9, 2006

{So Now I can Tell}

Now this was really hard keeping such excitement to myself - thankgoodness I can finally tell.......................................................................................................................................

Scrapbooking Memories Masters book is out! (still waiting on my copy :0()...

And yes I still can't beileve it but I AM A 2006 MASTER!

I am so busting to get the Magazine to check it all in print - 15 Talented Scrapbooking gals can't wait o see what everyone has done. OOh and how good is $500 worth of prizes for being a master.

There is also an opportunity for 5 of the Masters to to win an additonal prize that acknowledges special achievement in one of the judging criteria - valued at $1500 and I still can't get my head around it but I have won the Photography Criteria! W O W Kodak products are coming my way lol!!!

So I am really excited to finally be able to share my news in case you can't tell lol

So the book will be in the newsagencies around the 22nd December  will be great Xmas gifts for my family he he he.....

A HUGE Congrats to all the other ladies who were also named Masters - and to all those with Honourable Mention's this is all great!!

So this year was my year and I am so damn proud of myself - I have a grin from ear to ear :0)

Thanks for checking in! I promise next time you stop by I will be normal again!

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  1. WHOOO HOOOOO congratulations Kylie - that is soo awesome , so excitied for you!!! can't wait to see the book!!!! HUGZ

  2. Congratulations Kylie well done look forward to seeing more of your work

  3. WooooooHoooooo
    So proud of you Kylie!!!! You deserved it, without a doubt!! :)

  4. Congratulations!!!! I can't wait to get the magazine. You must just be over the moon.

  5. COngratulations Kylie on being a Master! Love your work and look forward to seeing plenty more. Well done!!

  6. congrats kylie..i am so thrilled for you!! well done..i got the mag on friday and was so excited to see your name!!

  7. Congratulations Kylie this is such an honour. Cant wait to see the Mag
    Nicole XX

  8. Woo Hoooooooooooooo
    Congtratulations Kylie, that is fantastic :) Can't wait to see the book and all the great creations.

  9. wooo hoo kylie - and so well deserved - your work is always stunning !!! you know i'm a huge fan
    CONGRATS !!!!

  10. Congratulations Kylie. Looking forward to seeing the mag myself and working with you over the next year! Congrats again! Whoohoo! LOL

  11. Hi Kylie!
    Congrats on being a master!! Can't wait to see it in print now, and looking forward to the next 12 months!
    Take care
    Sheree McGee

  12. Hi Kylie, I just wanted to congratulate you on becoming a Master YaY !!, it will be lovely to get to know you, and yes it will be lovely to see the mag.
    Best Wishes

  13. wow yay omg so darn thrilled to hear this kylie, huge congrats to you. It is about time, love your work and so thrilled you get to share it with the scrapbooking world.
    enjoy your goodies and cant wait to get my hands on the masters book.
    have a wonderful christmas and a fab 2007.
    big hugs

  14. Beautiful work!!!
    Have a nice day

  15. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! About time Kylie. Your work is stunning and you really deserve this. I am so pleased for you......and ALL those goodies - you lucky duck.

  16. Congratulations Kylie !! I too have yet to see the magazine and it's almost killing me.
    I wish you a wonderful year with SM.

  17. Hiya Kylie,
    Thankyou for your good wishes and huge congratulations to you too. The photography winner! What a massive thrill!
    Well done. Well deserved.
    Libby Morris x

  18. Hi Kylie,
    Just wanted to pop by and say congrats on becoming a master! Well done and enjoy the loot! Congrats on the photography award too - how exciting!
    Lusi x

  19. That is awesome~!! Congratulations.

  20. CONGRATULATIONS KYLIE!! Im so thrilled for you!!! and a HUGE CONGRATS again for the Photography award - YAY YAY YAY!!! Got the mag yesterday and your entry was so deserving!! **applause**

  21. CONGRATUALTIONS KYLIE!!!! I haven't got my hands on a copy of that one yet, but can't wait to see your photography! Enjoy your year as a Master!