Tuesday, December 19, 2006

{School Presentation Night}

Tonight the children had their School Presentation night, lots of speeches awards and singing.

Each year the Teachers award two book awards usually a Boy and  girl - The Tout's did very very well indeed Chelsea was awarded the Year 1/2 book award for Outstanding Attitude and Application I was so very proud of her and Master Royce won the Monster Maths medal.

The Children from Year 3 through to year 6 compete every year for the Monster Maths Medal this is a test of speed and accuracy using multiplication, division,subtraction and addition.

Royce won the class 3 Monster Maths needless to say we were very proud of him.

So for a treat we had McDonald's for tea and headed around town to look at the Christmas lights.

Well done Royce and Chelsea X X X X X X X X X love you both

Chelsea Monster_maths

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  1. How exciting!!! Congrats to them both.

  2. well done royce and chelsea I am very proud of you as well