Tuesday, December 19, 2006

{School Presentation Night}

Tonight the children had their School Presentation night, lots of speeches awards and singing.

Each year the Teachers award two book awards usually a Boy and  girl - The Tout's did very very well indeed Chelsea was awarded the Year 1/2 book award for Outstanding Attitude and Application I was so very proud of her and Master Royce won the Monster Maths medal.

The Children from Year 3 through to year 6 compete every year for the Monster Maths Medal this is a test of speed and accuracy using multiplication, division,subtraction and addition.

Royce won the class 3 Monster Maths needless to say we were very proud of him.

So for a treat we had McDonald's for tea and headed around town to look at the Christmas lights.

Well done Royce and Chelsea X X X X X X X X X love you both

Chelsea Monster_maths

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Firstly I want to say a HUGE THNKYOU to eveyone who send through there well wishes and congratulations to me in reagrds tomy success with Masters it really means a lot so trult thank you.

I am so pleased I can share this with you guys as most of you would know unless your scrapper - Masters probally does not mean a thing :0), to the everyday person.

Well finally my Special Edition Scrapbooking Masters Magazine arrived, actually I got it in the mail laset week and spent the good part of the morning I received going through it.

Must say that I am very honoured to be a part of the magazine it looks great!! Especially love the page of my monogram the photograph is unreal!!! Every single piece of art work in this magazine is to die and there sure are some very very talented ladies out there!

I really wanted to share a few of my favourites so I picked 3 from each section so here goes:


Lauren Dennis -  How good soes this girls Monogram look!!!!

Natalie Taylor -  such a cute little pocket I would never of thought of this  :0)

Jen Hall - Now this Girl CAN and will use ribbon and Fabric - love love love it!!!

Layout including the word "JOURNEY"

Rachel Scholz - How fabulous is this photo, just love this layout and the earthy tones used.

Jen Hall - Again great photo's and thatis why Jen has one the Use of Colour all looks great!

Jo Carey - Destination Unknown

Beyond the Page

Jen Hall - Create Mini Desk - Chelsea would just love love this!!!

Libby Morris - Light of my Life

Sandra Gerdes - Family Window Box

Honourable Mentions - Layouts/BTP/Monograms/

Amanda Hall - Discover

Loretta Clein - Clock

Robyn Robb - When I was a girl

Well again thanks to everyone - it is all very exciting!!!!!

So here is my MOnogram Entry in case you have receivd the book yet!!! I need to photograph the rest of my entries! ENJOY..................


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Saturday, December 9, 2006

{So Now I can Tell}

Now this was really hard keeping such excitement to myself - thankgoodness I can finally tell.......................................................................................................................................

Scrapbooking Memories Masters book is out! (still waiting on my copy :0()...

And yes I still can't beileve it but I AM A 2006 MASTER!

I am so busting to get the Magazine to check it all in print - 15 Talented Scrapbooking gals can't wait o see what everyone has done. OOh and how good is $500 worth of prizes for being a master.

There is also an opportunity for 5 of the Masters to to win an additonal prize that acknowledges special achievement in one of the judging criteria - valued at $1500 and I still can't get my head around it but I have won the Photography Criteria! W O W Kodak products are coming my way lol!!!

So I am really excited to finally be able to share my news in case you can't tell lol

So the book will be in the newsagencies around the 22nd December  will be great Xmas gifts for my family he he he.....

A HUGE Congrats to all the other ladies who were also named Masters - and to all those with Honourable Mention's this is all great!!

So this year was my year and I am so damn proud of myself - I have a grin from ear to ear :0)

Thanks for checking in! I promise next time you stop by I will be normal again!

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Tuesday, December 5, 2006


Chelsea had her very first gym judging on Saturday. Every Tuesday Chelsea just loves going to gymnastics so she could not wait for evryone to go and see what she had been up to.

Chels was judged on the Beam, Bar, Floor routine and the Vault.

She did fabulous in all areas and came home with first place in both the Vault and for her Floor routine she was very excited. After the judging she was involved in some gym routines with the bigger girls she loves to get thrown around.

Check out these photo's  :0) - Check out the poser!!!

Gym_4 Gym_5 Gym_2

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My Xmas Card Photo

Well here it is this years chrissy card photo - Royce has been a bit off the last few days and just could not be bothered with the whole photo shoot so Chels is the star this year my own  little Santa's helper :0).


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