Friday, November 10, 2006

{It has arrived}

Well today in the mail I received Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy can't wait to watch it all again - keeps good company when I am scrapping by myself at night.

I did fumble may way through downloading some Season 3 Eps on the computer and last night watched Season 3 ep 1, was a mess all over again lol.

Tonight I have class - an easy one tonight !


I have the best bunch of girls and they are all really keen to learn new things. I have a Maya road 4 x 4 ring binder really cute little min album for them to do for the Dec/Xmas party night they are going to love it.

Well this one is short and sweet I best get ready for class, David is home and has taken the kids to swim training the house is mega quite and I am feeling quite lonely ( yeah right) lol

Thanks for stopping in.......

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  1. Bugger! Mine hasnt arrived yet!!!!
    I ordered seasons 1 & 2, so excited to watch it all from the beginning. lol.....what a pair of dags we are, I downloaded the only episode i could find, season 3 ep2.... had to get hubby to come find a patch so i could watch it, took 5 hrs to I would send it to you but not sure how to do the zip thingo, will try get hubby to zip it later if you like.
    Jules :)

  2. oh how i love me some grey's anatomy.
    your prject sounds like fun-i love me some maya road, too!

  3. wow i didnt know u could download
    was it worth the effort??

  4. Hey Kylie!! beautiful LO - Dont do Greys ... perhaps I should think about it.

  5. Hi Kylie
    I have just come across your blog and thought I would stop and say HI!. Your work is just beautiul so inspiring..I hope you class went well for you. I just lurve Greys Anatomy too.
    Have a great day