Thursday, November 2, 2006

{bit of this and that}

Just a little post to share my latest layout for Shop and Crop  a "Motherhood" theme!

I have chosen a photo of my sister and her little boy Wesley - the quote

"a boys best friend is his mother"  too cute!!!


I am madly today getting photo's organised for the weekend one class I need 1 photo for every month of the year!!!!!!

So I have decided to them this on Chels has I have one photo of her for every month.

I am heading across to Canberra tomorrow to go down to Sydney with mum so can't wait!

Chelsea has an audition for the school's talent quest on Friday and Chels and her friend Jade are singing the pony!!!

So busting to see them on stage - how cute will they look in their cowgirl hats.

David has the kids for the weekend so of course this means I will need to have everything out ready for him. Seriously do not know what they would ever do without me.................. here to get them organised.

ALSO if any one is reading this blog and can tell me why my video clip is not fitting in the margin can you please give me some pointers - pretty please :0)

Thanks for stopping bye

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  1. Gorgeous layout!!
    I so can not believe that I am not going to be scrapping with you this weekend. ARGGHHHHH I wanna come too.
    Now with your film clip it must be the settings in your overall blog layout. Will get back to you.

  2. Hey Kylie what a beautiful LO, your sister looks heaps like you! Guess that happens...hehehhe... wish I was coming to penrith too, you will have a blast!
    You need to go in and edit current design,---> change theme ---> side bar width or alternately when you go to vid site you can customise the width of the video feed, icons under to choose different sizes etc.
    Hope that helps...
    Have fun
    Jules :)

  3. when i am away the family survives on hot dogs, cereal and take out...and i am certain a brush never touches my daughter's head.
    have fun !!