Saturday, October 7, 2006

{One week gone already}

Wow how quick have the School holidays gone practically a week over with already. Must say I do love school holidays know running around, packing lunches, homework etc etc the kids just get to chill out.............

We have been spending lots of time in the garden, the kids have been riding the motorbikes, friends sleeping over so they are having a ball. Yesterday we went to the Oasis Pool centre in Wagga and the kids swam for 3 hours.

I have classes on Sunday and Monday - 20 ladies on Sunday and 26 kids on the Monday so those few days will be busy busy but can't wait. Our horse Just Mambo runs tommorrow in Sydney @ Royal Randwick Race 4 good each way bet :0) I haev decided not to go I have class on Sunday and would be buggered if I went so fingers crossed for MAMBO!!!!

Oooh and finally I got my hands on the season One of Grey's Anatomy so as I type I am watching epiodes.

Last but not least a BIG BIG Congrats to my great friends Nic who has the honour of the latest For Keeps Mag looks great Nic, and I thre are also a few layouts that I have completed of late :0)

Thanks for checking in!



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  1. lovely to see a blog update !!! especially when it contains your gorgeous work

  2. Okay, so now I know you MUST be hooked on Grey's!!
    Love your LOs!! :)

  3. well i blew $10 kylie LOL
    wish i had it on the one that dID come first and paid $118 or so !!!

  4. The school holidays just go way to fast...enjoy the last few days:)....*fiona*

  5. Oh wow! How glad I am someone gave me the link to your site. Some incredibly inspiring pages here.