Tuesday, October 31, 2006

{Last night of Grey's for a While}

Well I am sitting still in a blubbering mess after watching the last night of my favourite ever show Grey's Anatomy!

Oh I am so sad for Izzy can't believe Danny has died I am devasted he was so cute and I hate that they have taken him out to the show. And ooooh Derek and Meredith thank goodness this is a long long long time coming - I so can't wait for the next season I already have this season coming in the mail can't wait to have it in my hot little hands.

This is the first show in a long long time that I have really not ever wanted to miss, so hence the new video clip :0).

Well this week is a busy week with all the afternoon things with the kids and getting organised to go to Sydney on Friday, can't wait to head to Penerith spending the day shopping on Friday and then Saturday of to Elsie's Class and to Carrie's too - so wish all my buddies were coming with me, this time I am dragging along my mum although she is so keen so it should be great she has never been to anything like this before.

On Saturday I went to my Primary School 125 year reunion got to catch up with some old teachers - BLAST FROM THE PAST that for sure but it was all good and remembered things I had totally forgot about! Saw some photo's that made me laugh and most of all the kids had a great time running around the school yard that I spent so many years in.

Then on Saturday night David and I and David's sister and her partner went to a Italian and Wine night had a great time the food was beautiful and I can't believe I did not wake up with a wine headache, thank goodness as I played my first game of Touch for the season, it was not too hot thank goodness.

Well believe it or not but I have not scrapped for what seems like forever I just have not had the time and I am so busting to create something so stay tuned and thanks for stopping by to check out what I have been up to!!!

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  1. I sobbed a big ole ugly cry!!! Just horrid.
    So wish I was coming to Penrith!!! I miss you.
    Sounds like you have had a busy couple of weeks.

  2. Ditto me, too i so wish i was going too Kylie, have fun for both of us wont you, will catch up soon

  3. Hi Kylie, just love this clip, made me cry all over again. It was great to meet you at Kiwi Scraps, have fun at Penrith.

  4. Hey Kylie,
    ME TOOOOOO..... I was just so frekin excited when Meredith and McDreamy couldnt conatin all that simmering passion......and SOOOOO sad Danny died, he was just gorgeous (wasnt her EX so beautiful when she was crying, he is a twerp most of the time but i think he does the tuff exterior to protect himself!) worst of all is that we have to wait months for a weekly dose!!!
    I got on ebay and bought season 1&2 straight after finish last night. Loved that music clip, cool song and such evocative footage.
    I have been letting Sarah watch it with me, sometimes i wonder whether i should but she just looks at me and rolls her eyes, "MUM I AM ALMOST 14!!"
    LOL! Thanks glad to know you are a fello greys addictee.
    Have fun at Penrith

  5. you have lovley pages and i love your blog as for grey's i cryed all over agian and watch again and again with goose bumps all over Narelle

  6. Me again.
    Happy belated birthday!
    Love the layout!
    I cried at Grey's too, it seems such a long wait til next year!