Wednesday, August 9, 2006

{Missing in Action}

Hey everyone,

I know I know post have been pretty rare.

(I can picture Lee checking out my Blog eveyday and kicking the chair because I have not updated he he he sorry Lee)

SO HERE GOES - this is why I have been quite.

Last week was pretty hectic with Sports carnivals and Football carnivals and of course our weekend sport too.

  • Royce played in the Trent Barrett Shield on Friday and there team won 2 and lost 1 which placed them 3rd out of six teams onthe day, considering they only had one training run and that half the boys had never played Footy but were soccer players they played really well and had the best day they were all so wrapped with their efforts.

Trent_barett_2006 David was the coach for the day - that is Royce 4th in from the left back row.

Everyone knows that Royce just L O V E S his footy and he was so excited that his Dad was going to be the School team's coach, thank goodness David could manage to get back from Sydney to run the boys.

On the Saturday Royce played at the Junee carnival with is his weekend team they played 3 games and won 1 and lost 2 - I think he was all played out.

  • I took Chelsea to the circus on Friday night, she has only been to one circus and she was quite little so she did not remember, she was so excited and her friend Julia went along with her, the highlight was when the clown threatened to throw water all over us. I curled Chel's hair and love how it turned out she look sso much older though.


I also received some great news that I have kept to myself until now - I am still grinning from ear to ear when I think about it but hey there is stilll 100 of us left YEAH I have been shortlisted for MASTERS. I reall really love my BTP and my Monogram so time will tell - good luck to all the other girls!!!!!

  • This my latest layout for Shop and Crop - I have used Three Bugs in a Rug the Tickled Pink range I love how bright these papers are and the Diecut and Tag sheet is fab!!!

3_bugsin_a_rug The Rub-ons are cute too!!! You can really create lots of Layouts using the Diecut and Tag sheet and the Rub-ons, I will share when I complete some more.

Okay so I am way way way behind in my homework for Kiwi Scraps ..........

Mainly the photo's I have lots of portait shots but few amount of landscape photo's so I have to get moving on this.

I do have the tags done though................ all 50 of them :0)!

I just can't wait to catch up with all the girls and also am busting to meet lots of girls that I know will be there that I have not already met.

I am heading down Thurdsay and back on Sunday - did I mention I can't wait :0) lol.

How lucky to be able to sit in and be taught by such wonderful Artists, I am so glad that I decided to book in for this weekend

So because I am a slack blogger I have decided to list my 10 favourites for the week (not in any particular order) - so here goes.

  1. My new Triple Barrell Curling Wand

  2. Being in the Garden - I have really done heaps to get the garden glowing for the Open Garden Scheme in October.

  3. SNACK - Chocolate I know I am naughty.

  4. Oooh my new Blinds in my Scrap Studio the timber makes my room so warm.

  5. The fact that I have created 4 LO's just for me - can't share just yet!!!

  6. Grey's Anatomy - really loving this show even better now that it is on earlier.

  7. This one is pretty weird but I crack up everytime I here that Bigpond broadband ad witht he little boy asking his Dad about the Rabbits in China - How funny :0) lol

  8. Body Jam - on each Wednesday and I am enjoying it more each week.

  9. Floor heating - has been pretty cool at night and how floor heating is sooo warm

  10. Sunny days - finally get the washing out so my house does not look like a laudry room

Okay so that's quick - thanks for checking in and have a great week :0)

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  1. ROFLMAO!!!! Hee hee hee.. girl you know me too well. Everyday I long for a new post from you.
    Congrats again on Masters!! You totally rock.
    WOW that photo of Chelsea is amazing... she is growing up so fast.
    LOL about the Broadband ad too...
    Loving your layouts.
    9 more sleeps and then we get to hang out, scrap, laugh and just go WILD!!!!

  2. WOW! You fit so much into your days!
    Great piccies, and a STUNNING page!!
    A Huge congrats on the top 100- but I am so not surprised!! I reckon you'll be there till the end, cause your work is always so fantastic!
    Cya really soon!!

  3. congrats on getting through to last 100 of masters, i wubs your stuff and know you will go well so enjoy it all.

  4. Hi Kylie, I love popping in every now and then to see what you have been up to. You are truely one amazing gal. Congrats on making the top 100.....I am sure you will make it all the way. Love to you. Max