Saturday, July 15, 2006

{Our Week in the SNOW}

KidsWell we arrived home tonight from our week at "Falls Creek" and what can I say it was just fabulous.

We arrived Sunday and got busy organising our Ski gear the kids were so excited, they had never put on a pair of Ski's before so they were really pumped as was I, have not been on Ski's myself for a couple of years.

We were up bright and early Monday morning the kids were in Ski school from 10.35 till 3.30 so David and I got a great chance to just ski around all day it was fantastic.

Both David  and I were so keen to see what the kids were up too - and kept checking in all day, well how good are kids they were both up skiing by the days end and they looked so cute especially Chels!!!

All week we hit he slopes and the kids could not wait for free time to show us what they had learnt.

On their last day of school Royce and Chelsea and the 10 other children in their group had a timed ski race .............

Royce came 1st and Chelsea 3rd  they were both so excited!!!!!Chels_ski_race


Chels_5  Astor_lodge The Astor Lodge were we stayed for the week


Snow Ski Instructor "Mark" and the kids

  and David and I on the slopes.......

Well of course I have 100's more and will share later just can't wait to tillnext winter so get amongst the snow again :0)

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  1. Oh what beautiful pics and what a great time it looks like you all had! We go to Falls Creek also (which we are going next year) and stay at Bright....
    Cant wait to see what LO you come up with!

  2. Hey Gorgeous .. looks like you had a ball!! loving the pics - looking forward to seeing them scrapped!!

  3. Hey Kylie, How awesome do those snow pics look, we went for the first time a couple of years ago and loved it too!!!!All your latest LO's look unreal too!!! I love them all!!! :)

  4. oh how fantastic! I LOVE snow pics! So glad you had a fab time together :o)