Wednesday, June 28, 2006

{This has really rattled me}

I still feel physically sick after watching the breaking news tonight on the 8 year girl murdered in the shopping centre at Perth. How tragic is this. My children are 7 and 9 and I couldn't bear to imagine what this family is going through.

I am often saying to my 7 year old daughter not to run around in the shopping mall, she has a tendency to wander to the toy section with out tellimg me and every time she ends up in tears because she is scolded when I get there. The deal is if anyone needs to go to the toilet then we go together and use the disabled toilets, but it easy to get a bit complactent and think they are old enough - you just never know who is around.

This really shook me up tonight  and to think here in Australia things like this can happen

Needless to say I gave my kids an extra big hug tonight, and a really big talk on being in public places.

This is the tragic story and to think this man has been accused before and walked free.

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  1. tell me about it kylie. it happened in my suburb, at my local shops where i take my children to the toilet. he lived in my suburb and worked where i do my grocery shopping. i have heard today he was one of the boys who murdered jamie bulger in the uk, and was relocated here and has since 'gotten off' from another rape due to technicalities which happened just after her arrived. out of all the places in the world he was relocated to, it was just walking distance from my kids' school. i feel sick.

  2. Yes what a shocking thing to happen! Poor brother didnt he find her?? Just so sad and to know that it can happen here in Australia! My kids are still to little to go to the toilet on their own, BUT will NEVER go on their own at ALL!! I always use the baby rooms to take Mackala as she has a thing about been in there on her own, I just stand out and wait for her..My thoughts and prayers are with the family and hoping that the b@ast@rd goes to jail for a very long time...He might last long once in as guys in jail dont like this kinda of stuff!
    Alanna :)

  3. It is sooooo awful, I can't beleive that something like this can happen!?!
    And why?? The poor family......

  4. hello just love your pages on your blog, i havent posted before but after reading the story about the little girl my heart goes out to all involved and sending huges hugs from uk

  5. I absolutely agree with you Kylie. I felt gutted when I heard about this. My daughter is the same age as this poor little girl and yes I have on occassion let her go into a toilet on her own at our local shops - always where I had a clear line of sight to the toilets - but never again. What this has taught me is that you don't know who is already in there.I hope that sick bastard is put away for ever...her family will pay for the rest of their should he.

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