Saturday, June 10, 2006

{Surprise EVANA}

So yesterday after weeks and weeks of keeping our little secret finally... over 35 wonderful friends of the darling evana willis surprised her with her very own online baby shower.....

Evana, Craig and family are expecting there new little bubba very soon. 

So as a surprise Nic Howard contacted lots of Evana's friends from Aus, NZ and US everywhere to get then invloved with the online shower for E.  (How cool is that)!!!

Evana didn't have any idea AT ALL!!! In fact yesterday morning Sasha and and Jaimie, Maree, and myself from SHOP and CROP all met online for a staff meeting while all the other ladies were waiting in the Baby Shower Yahoo Group!

Nic joined us and told Evana what was happening - Evana was so surprised, between Nic trying to explain to her what was going on and Evana opening a lot of mail (unusual all that mail :0) FINALLY at 11.30am yesterday morning over 35 ladies welcomed Evana into her very own online baby shower.

Evana was just so surprised. Between trying to post in the group and open all her mail she was in a frazze I bet, - You see all us girls made Evana a "Motherhood" Tag with our own little message and mailed them over to her. The tags were Delish Designs tea tags, and were just gorgeous to work with so a huge thanks girls for donating them.

What a great day!!! Keeping checking that Mail Evana - you never know what might turn up :0)!!!

Evana I know you had a blast yesterday and so did I - enjoy the next few weeks and all the best for the safe arival of your new little baby.

Mother_hood_tag_front Motherhood_tag

Here is my Tag for Evana :0)

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  1. It was so great to take part in this. Loving your tag. Miss you heaps. xoxo

  2. Hey Kylie!!! Love your tag here!! Just gorgeous!!! I bet Evana was tickled pink!!! I hope you have been keeping well!!
    Take Care

  3. Oh what a beautiful thing to do for such a lovely lady! Love the tag!!
    Alanna :)

  4. Oh Kylie....thanks so much for being a huge part of this. I am still so shocked and stunned at what Nic did and all you gals from across the world being ME!
    I had the best time despite the shock and turmoil. What an amazing thing treasure though....your tag is divine and I love that you used that cool. I just love that I will have a little piece of all you special people in my scrap room. I do have to give some thought to displaying them cause they are all far to precious to pack away! Thanks so much. Reckon I am the luckiest kiwi ever!
    Huge hugs