Saturday, May 6, 2006

{Okay so 5 Things}

Well the lovely Lee has tagged me - my guess is so I will update my BLOG!!!!

things that make me smile: hearing my children's laughter, My husband

5 things I can see on my desk: mess, a mess!, more mess ok seriously Ribbon,Xpress it Tape, Shop and Crop DT stuff, calender

5 things that will keep me busy this weekend: My weekend will be Football and Hockey on Saturday, spending time with family Sunday and Chelsea is having a Grand Opening of her newly renovated (fixed Up and cleaned) Cubby house

5 things I am doing this week: Scrapbooking Classes, Children's Cross Country, scrapbooking, cleaning the house, gardening!!

5 things I said to make someone smile: Royce I am so proud of your Times Table efforts "You are the Maths Man", "Chelsea this Cubby looks like a Princess Palace" :0), "I love you" too my husband, to my hairdresser "I love it - you did a great job yet again" and "thanks for being a great friend" to my friend.

Okay Lee hope this is what you were after :0)

NOW WHO TO TAG how about Melissa:0)

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1 comment:

  1. Thanks for playing gorgeous girl!!!
    We so have to talk really soon. Miss you.