Friday, April 14, 2006

So what's been happening.....

                                        Well this week has been extra extra busy for me.

  • On Monday night I had my first ever online class and it was fantastic thanks to all the lovely ladies that attended my class your Layouts look fabulous!!!! I can't wait until my next one this is such a great experience.

  • On Tuesday Chelsea's class put on a performance for their families for the end of the term Chelsea was the UGLY PRINCESS and she did a fantastic job playing her part well she has been learning her lines for weeks. You did great Chels!!!


  • Royce had his last Piano lesson until School goes back he his really coming along and I love to see him play.  He loves to play all his little songs. He really suprised me with how keen he is and how well he is picking it up. Royce is a real boy and at first did not think it was very cool at all to be playing the Piano, so he is going really well.

  • Tuesday night I travelled to Wagga Wagga to teach a class at the The Scrapbooking Hut

  • The Hut had it's 1st Birthday Celebrations all week - thanks Di for asking me along and a huge thanks to all the wonderful ladies who attended the class (Glad you liked it). It was so great to see so many keen srappers, can't wait for the next class girls.

  • Wedneday night I sat in on Alison's Colour Me silly Online Class - was a great night and totally love my layout thanks Alison. If you have not checked the Shop and Crop classes out you must - do so HERE you will love them!!!!

                          HERE'S MY VERSION


  • Well Thursday I just had to catch up on house work and still have not finished, ooh and MY MAN came home finally from Sydney he has a few days off over Easter, can't wait to just catch up and relax. I also did the Easter shopping that was hectic in itself.

  • Tommorrow Good Friday I am just relaxing at home, I have two CJ's and a few Layouts to catch up on so hopefully I will get the afternoon in My scrap space :0).

Catching up with some girlfriends for Dinner and Drinks Friday Night and then I will be up early Saturday Morning to head to Sydney to the races to watch Just Mambo.

Sorry to those who back hime last week but I did say he was good eachway bet - that's racing his run ws great though to be last at the turn from barrier 13 andto run 7th is pretty good (hey but I am bias)

He will be running in the Sires he is still a great each way bet and then he will be out for a spell.

      Everyone have a great Easter break and stay safe if you are travelling on the roads, Iand I do hope the bunny finds you all!!!!!

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