Thursday, March 30, 2006


Well after getting totally bored with my Blog Page look and with some help from Joe the Adobe Man and Ms Grant too I have a new look. And now I am totally hooked on Adobe - and evryhting it has to offer Colours, fonts, brushes, Layers theworks.

                           NOW I can see that I will never get anyscrapping done.

               I have already changed my Banner twice today :0) he he anyhow all fun!!!!

  • Well we had a fantastic weekend in Sydney, we drove down on Friday and arrived just in time for a really nice tea in the City. We had planned on going to Luna Park Friday Night but it was raining so re-scheduled.

  • Saturday David's Mum and I hit the shops for a whole 1hr :0( as we had to get ready for the races and what a great day we had. Royce was all excited as it was his birthday so he opened up all his gifts both his Nans were in Sydney so he was spoilt of course. His great friend Derek also spent the weekend with us so they had a great weekend.

  • We headed out to Rosehill on the Train and had a ball at the races best of all our horse JUST MAMBO ran a terrrific 2nd place and wait for now qualified for next Saturday's GOLDEN SLIPPER this is so freakin exciting. So we are heading down getting all tissed up for the races and can't wait.

  • Saturday night we went to Brookvale Oval to watch the Sharkies and Sea Eagles. The Sharks were all over them in the first half but did diddly swat in the 2nd half, anyhow the boys loved it and we had great seats.

  • On Sunday we travelled out to Chatswood were David is working to see what they have been up to and everything looks great the Pub will be gorgeous when everything is finished, then we headed to Luna Park the kids had a ball, Chelsea out did the boys on the rotating balance disc and the crowd gave her a cheer (being the only girl with all the boys) jeez I can remember riding this thing myself :0) -  I had way too many rides with kids and was pleased to be heading out the gate, that Octupuss thing really made the stomach churn :0).

This is CHELSEA out balanicng the Boys.....GO GIRL !!!!!

Spinner_pics Clowns_1

Chel and the Clowns



This is Royce and his Best Friend Derek.

And this is the boys on the Wild Mouse - I won't be posting mine and Chelsea's Shot :0)


We arrived home late Sunday so it has been a pretty casual week so far.

Okay that's it for now of to get the kids from School and Austag and Hockey this arvo.

      Thanks for checking in.


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  1. LOL mmm I thought I saw a different banner earlier. LOL.
    Sounds like a fab weekend. Congrats on your horse.

  2. Hi Kylie,
    sounds like you had a blast!
    Congratulations on the horse! Hope it does well in the big race!
    Oh Adobe..... wish i had of got that, i bought PSP which is really good just everyone talks in adobe speak, have to really work hard to translate to psp!
    Anyway love your new banner.
    I have had heaps happening, just got an email FK's picked up a LO i submitted randomly! : )
    Jules : )
    PS Love that ribbon site, too hard to choose i want the LOT!!

  3. LOVE the new blog! woohoo! I look forward to all the different banners you're going to come up with lol!
    Well it sounds like you had a fabulous weekend! I hope this one is a good one too! :o)

  4. Poor Royce looks absoulty terrified

  5. oh my god i remember going to luna park when i was about 5!!! amazing :0)
    love the new look on here to find the pic of me at luna park lol

  6. Sounds like a great the new BLOG where do I find out more????

  7. I put a bet on Just Mambo today in the Golden Slipper! Congrats on having a runner - my dream is to own a horse running in the Cox Plate!