Tuesday, February 7, 2006

What a Fabulous Day

Well yesterday I travelled up to Bowral with my great friend Nic - wet met at Goulburn and headed the rest of the way to meet up with our other great friends Lee, Alison, Sally D,Roz, Vicki and Julie.

We had a fab day chatting and drinking coffee it was so relaxing and great to catch up with good friends. I think it is such a wonderful thing that Scrapping has brought us all together and we can share great times such as yesterday together.

I just can't wait to catch up again and thank you all so much for sharing you Sunday with me girls.

Luv you all!!!!!!

Bowral_3 Bowral_1


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  1. Gorgeous photos! Make sure you send me a disc with them on it. It was sooo much fun catching up again. Luv ya. xoxo

  2. Oh and I cant believe that you have updated your blog before me. LOL

  3. Kylie...what great photos!!! Can I get a copy too!!! It was so great to catch up with everyone...

  4. These are wonderful photos Kylie and really show what a great day we had. I am so happy to have met you and hope we can all meet up again soon. We don't have enough days like this!

  5. Fab pics Kylie!! Thanks again for taking the time out of your weekend to come along! I really enjoyed spending time with you!