Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My Childhood favourite

Alison The Lion the Witch and the Wardobe is my all time favourite book. As a child I read it over and over again I still have my paper back copy from school I just loved it. Early last year a Circle Journal owned by the very talented Alison Shearer landed on my doorstep the topic was "Your Favourite Book"and I new instantly which book i would do.

Here is the not so very good scan of the pages but hey this CJ was chockers :0).

I could not wait to get the book out and read again - and I was not dissapointed I just loved the adventure. I purcahsed the Hard cover and my little boy Royce read it also from cover to cover and I read it to Chelsea each night they both loved it.

Needless to say when I discovered early last year that Narnia was to be on the big screen Boxing Day 2006, I was there already :0).

The kids and I went last week and it was great I loved it and so did the kids -  it is definetley worth seeing. I loved the series  that used to come on after school wish I could get my hands on it for the kids. Anyhow go and see it if you get the chance!!!

Get a sneak oreview here : The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

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