Sunday, January 29, 2006

Funny Combination

Well I have been a very busy busy little beaver the last few days well weeks actually, last weekend I had a wedding down in Sydney, which was a great weekend a nice little garden wedding although it was very hot it was a great day. I had the chance to do a little shopping while I was in the city and here are my favourite splurges :0)

Weird combination I know BUT I anyone who knows me knows that I love love  love shoes and I just could not go past these. They are a really so me!!!!!! And the trims well within the last 2 years the Lincraft store in the City as expanded from one isle of scrap products too around 5 isle's and these trims were just to good to pass up and at $2.00 a roll on sale I did not even think about choosing just one or two - I know I am very naughty :0).

Imgp1236_1 Imgp1238_1


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  1. Good to seeya back, have been missing u, nice buys !

  2. Hey girl great to see you back online. Have missed you. Oh girl you have so much trim there to last you a lifetime. LOL

  3. OMG- loving those shoes!!
    Nice to see you back :o)