Thursday, January 5, 2006

{Checking In}

Well much as happened since my last post the most imprtant being that I am an Aunty again. David sister as had a little boy and he is proudly named after his pop Tout - Edward, he is adorable and most importantly healthy.

Baby_blog Tate_blog His big brother Tate says he is "cool".

They will be home today so Chelsea is busting to see him, must admit I too am keen for a cuddle. I love teeny tiny babies.

Circle Journal update

Last night I finished my pages for Wendy's "Things that make you go hmmmm CJ" here are my pages I hope you like them Wendy :0).

Page_2 Page_1_1

I also have my very first photo's of our family for 2006, this one was actually taken by David he is getting good at taking pics :0).

After I printed these pics I was reading the talented Nic Wright's  blog and Nic taks about being Inspired by Stacy Julian. I must say I have not read Julian's book “the big picture” – but I am sure too.   

I also loved idea that  Stacy has an album called  “favourite photos”... I too have already put mine into action and have a collection of photo's to start on, I am really excited about this litttle project and can't wait to get it started so I will keep you posted and thanks Nic for your great post and for getting me started :0). Can't wait to see what else you have in store for you Allbum.

Here is my first photo for 2006


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  1. Oh a new baby! Too cute.
    Loving your CJ page and your first photo for 2006 is def a favourite!

  2. Hey, Nice photo of you guys, love it,

  3. CONGRATS Aunty Kylie!! He is such a cute little boy!
    And, love the CJ page!

  4. your blog is fab kylie!
    a beautiful photo to start your fave photo album off with!
    and hurrah!! another kylie to share kylie minogue and kylie mole stories with!! lol

  5. CONGRATS AUNTY KYLIE! He is adorable. And that family pic of yours is stunning.