Monday, January 30, 2006

A U S T R A L I A Day

Well what a great few days we have had celebrating Australia Day. We headed off to Sydney on Wednesday to stay for afew days. David's Aunt worked for Qantas until she retired so she is bale to get some really great deals, so this year she invited us down to stay in China Town in an apartment we arrived and the kids went for a swim on the very top floor of the building. A great lap pool and a hot spa which overlooked China Town and Darling harbour it was fab!!!!

For Australia Day we headed of at 11.00 on the Constellation Cruise boat well how spectacular was this. We cruised around the harbour while being lavished with lots of scrummy food, we were in the middle of the Ferry Race the RAAF Defence Force Air Displays, the kids enjoyed watching the Television choppers and the Helicopter flying a huge Australian Flag, I tell you it was a great honour to see it all, Royce just loved the EndeavourImgp0117 and told us all about Captain Cook. He received an Explorers book for Xmas.





After the boat docked we headed back to the unit to change and then we boarded the South Steyne which is moored at Darling Harbour on the boat we had a beautiful tea and were entertained by a one man band and he was brillant. He sang all the Aussie songs and the kids were thrilled that the first two songs he played were There's a Track winding Back to Gundagai and Where the Dogs sits on the Tuckerbox I tell you it put shivers down my spine we are very proud of our songs.          

                                                                                                                                                                   We watched all the boats come into the harbour, some were decorated others were just extremely old boats, Darling Harbourt itself was just crowded it was a brillant atmosphere.


After tea we all headed out to the front of the boat to watch the fireworks and they were fantastic we had the best view of them. We had a great Australia Day and and are now busting to do it all again next year.



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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Sneak Peek.......

You have to check out THIS - how can we possibly wait!!!!! I think the rubons are to die for and the Urban Couture and Hang Ten BG now that is my type of paper :0)

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Funny Combination

Well I have been a very busy busy little beaver the last few days well weeks actually, last weekend I had a wedding down in Sydney, which was a great weekend a nice little garden wedding although it was very hot it was a great day. I had the chance to do a little shopping while I was in the city and here are my favourite splurges :0)

Weird combination I know BUT I anyone who knows me knows that I love love  love shoes and I just could not go past these. They are a really so me!!!!!! And the trims well within the last 2 years the Lincraft store in the City as expanded from one isle of scrap products too around 5 isle's and these trims were just to good to pass up and at $2.00 a roll on sale I did not even think about choosing just one or two - I know I am very naughty :0).

Imgp1236_1 Imgp1238_1


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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

{Scrapping Friends}

WELL after the last few days much has been said in my little scrapping world, and feelings have been hurt - most would know all about this so I won't go into any more of the horrid details.

I would like to make mention that I see one thing which I thing is the most important of all and that it does bring a smile to my face after feeling sad about this whole situation and that is the amount of true friends there are out there and that they are sure not afraid to express there feelings and stand up for their friends.

As one of Nic's friends I am sure she is overwhelmed by all the love and support everyone has given to her, and I know next time I see her I will tell her what I think of her great personality and soak up all the inspiration I possible can over her albums.

Lets us admire and and only give comment if it is of a nice nature - keep any not so nice opinions to ourselves.

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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

My Childhood favourite

Alison The Lion the Witch and the Wardobe is my all time favourite book. As a child I read it over and over again I still have my paper back copy from school I just loved it. Early last year a Circle Journal owned by the very talented Alison Shearer landed on my doorstep the topic was "Your Favourite Book"and I new instantly which book i would do.

Here is the not so very good scan of the pages but hey this CJ was chockers :0).

I could not wait to get the book out and read again - and I was not dissapointed I just loved the adventure. I purcahsed the Hard cover and my little boy Royce read it also from cover to cover and I read it to Chelsea each night they both loved it.

Needless to say when I discovered early last year that Narnia was to be on the big screen Boxing Day 2006, I was there already :0).

The kids and I went last week and it was great I loved it and so did the kids -  it is definetley worth seeing. I loved the series  that used to come on after school wish I could get my hands on it for the kids. Anyhow go and see it if you get the chance!!!

Get a sneak oreview here : The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe

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Friday, January 6, 2006

{Last ever My Reflections Mag}

Well sad as it is I have just finished reading the last ever My Reflections Magazine.

I really enjoyed this Magazine and had am very grateful to Larrissa and Krys who included me and my work in this magazine. I have had the opportunity to be invloved in the My Scrapbbomg Guide several times and have many Layouts published, so thanks!!!

I feel privliged to have one of my layouts in the last ever edition published "SWEET" on page 77.

{Some of my favourites are}

  • Erica Glover - have your cake and eat it too

  • Kim Archer - Colourful Cards

  • Rachel Greig - Myself

  • Belinda Webster - Fourth Generation

  • Julie Love - Jeckyl & Hyde



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Thursday, January 5, 2006

{Checking In}

Well much as happened since my last post the most imprtant being that I am an Aunty again. David sister as had a little boy and he is proudly named after his pop Tout - Edward, he is adorable and most importantly healthy.

Baby_blog Tate_blog His big brother Tate says he is "cool".

They will be home today so Chelsea is busting to see him, must admit I too am keen for a cuddle. I love teeny tiny babies.

Circle Journal update

Last night I finished my pages for Wendy's "Things that make you go hmmmm CJ" here are my pages I hope you like them Wendy :0).

Page_2 Page_1_1

I also have my very first photo's of our family for 2006, this one was actually taken by David he is getting good at taking pics :0).

After I printed these pics I was reading the talented Nic Wright's  blog and Nic taks about being Inspired by Stacy Julian. I must say I have not read Julian's book “the big picture” – but I am sure too.   

I also loved idea that  Stacy has an album called  “favourite photos”... I too have already put mine into action and have a collection of photo's to start on, I am really excited about this litttle project and can't wait to get it started so I will keep you posted and thanks Nic for your great post and for getting me started :0). Can't wait to see what else you have in store for you Allbum.

Here is my first photo for 2006


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