Monday, December 19, 2005

Weekend Update

Well after a very busy school week, the weekend arrived and here is what we have been up to.........Saturday morning Royce played his last game of Cricket before the holidays he had a great game scoring 3 4's and a 6 and he took 2 wickets Yah Royce!!!!

Then the kids and I and Nan Tout went to Wagga, we did a bit of Xmas shopping and stayed the night as Royvc was competing at The ZONE Athletics Carnival today. We had a nice tea and then took the kids to Gloria Jeans for a hot Chocolate we don't get that at GUndagai lol.

The carnival today was very very windy and cold. Royce had did extremely well getting a GOLD medal in the Discus, a SILVER in the longjump and a BRONZE in the 70m, we were all pleased to get home though.

On Friday night Shop and Crop had a online crop night - it was fantastic had a great chat to the girls and saw some very funny chrissy shots :0), on sad note though my scanner is playing up, hope it is nothing serious.

Here is a LO I did for Friday night's crop and another I finally finished from a kit I had from ISC Gold Coast I know that is bad bad bad.

Not sure what is going on re the photo's from the last post??????Love_each_other


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  1. These are delicious Kylie!!!!!!
    Wooohooo Royce!! Way to go!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!

  2. well done Royce, didn't know you were doing that this week-end

  3. Photos are lovely Kylie