Wednesday, December 28, 2005

The Tout Family XMAS

Well Christmas is now offically over - we all had a happy time, the kids were up at 5.45am Xmas morning going through all the wonderful things that Santa had left, and of course he did not dissapoint.


Royce got a PSP and some clothes and a MP3 player and Chelsea got a computer and the PS Singstar, clothes and Heffalump, makeup etc etc........... I have never seen the them so excited. Every year we buy a family present and this year we decided on a Pool Table, well Royce was beside himself he just loves it and has not been of the table - he will be a real Pool shark by the time he is 18!!


This years Xmas as most of you all now was very hard as David's dad and my Nan passed away in October,  the morning started of very teary but we all pulled through and spent the day with all our family and enjoyed Xmas. Normally my Xmas is spent running all around the place but this year we stayed at home and all the family came for lunch and tea. My dad was the chef and a very good one at that he actually cooks for party's with camp ovens and spits and so on so he cooked all the meat and the vege's outside in the oven's and it was beautiful, we had over 30 for lunch and then again for tea. We just had cold salad and seafood tea and plenty of sweets.



The day was spent outside under a marquee, the kids swam and played pool and rode motorbikes all day. Actually my nephew who is 5 got a motorbike from santa and he had been riding all day long and had a few crashes only minor and THEN he crashed into our pool shed which is fibro and put a great big hole completley through the shed. Thankgoodness he was alright and needless to say he had spell from his bike - it was so funny!!!.


The girls spent the day on the singstar and of course all thought they could sing - NOT!!! Anyhow the day was great and the kids had a ball. And we are now getting ready for the New Year and hoping that it brings us plenty of happy times.

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  1. Merry Christmas to you gorgeous girl! Oh dear on the bike crash.
    I can't wait until we get to catch up again. Luv ya

  2. wow, what a full on day! Great pics, and omgosh about the crash into the shed!!!!