Sunday, December 11, 2005

Our weekend of Dance

Tonight Chelsea has her annual Ballet Concert - for weeks they have been perfecting all their dances and Chelse is so excited after dress rehersal this morning........

Chelsea is dancing 7 dances.

3 Jazz which are the Can Can, a dance number to the Carwash theme from Shark Tale and Hilary Duff's our lips are sealed.

She is also doing a Tap Number and and two Ballet dances, so today was mad day changing costumes etc etc.......

Here are some photo's must admit they are not that great in a dark hall.

Car_wash Our_lips_are_sealed_2 

Can_can Can_can_2

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  1. oh wow, 7 dances!!!?? She must be quite the dancer then!! And considering the environment, the pics are wonderful!!

  2. Don't ya just love watching them dance!!! Leonii has been dancing for the last 7 years & I never tire of watching her!! They look so cute!!!!!