Wednesday, November 9, 2005


Well I am still recovering from my fantastic time at ISC in Penerith. I had a ball catching up with all my scrapping buddies. My roomies Lee and Robyn thanks for a great weekend, Lee you made me laugh so much and I truly needed that so thanks so much.

Had a great time catching up with Nat and Julie, Jody, Kate, Max (we love you) Jo, Debbie and the very funny Sally D and Maree. Also caught up with Jen and Janine as they came in for a one day session. I met lots of new girls and swapped over 60 tags and they were all so fantastic.

All in all I had great weekend the classes were fantastic, the USA girls did not dissapoint, the class were fab!!! The Butterfly ball was a great night and the costumes were unreal by two travel buddies and Virgin's to ISC Mia and Vicky won the best dressed couple as the Fire Fly's (Way to go girls). OF course a big Ongratulations to the very talented NIc Wright and Jaimie Emmerton on their wins you both so totally deserve it.

Oh there is so much to tell here are so pics see for yourself :0).


Kyliekate Natlee Anita_us The_girls Butterfly_ball

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  1. Hey there gorgeous! What's this .... you updating with photos before I get a chance too! LOL. Great photos! Will have to get you to email me some or send them on a disc and I will do the same.
    My job was to make you laugh until your sides hurt! Totally love you girl and I am so happy that we have become such great friends. Hugs

  2. Hey Kylie
    thank you too, for a great weekend, will catch up with you a bit more over the weekend, keep your chin up and take care of yourself.

  3. Sounds like a great time. Hopefully I can catch up with you again at GC next year!!

  4. oh, you have to come to ISC GC so I can meet you!! And judging by these fabulous pics, we will have an awesome time!! You all look so happy, I love it!
    Roz xo

  5. Oooooooooooooh! Look at all those happy, smiling faces!!!
    Looks like you had a ball at ISC, Kylie! I'm so glad!!! When do we get to see your layouts from then?!
    Take care!
    Ali :)

  6. It was great to catch up with you again too.....