Monday, November 21, 2005

A bit of an Update

Well it has been a busy weekend in November Gundagai has a huge weekend which includes the Snake Gully Cup Race meeting which is held on a Friday. Thousands go from all over the place and it is a fantastic day, plenty of fashions,plenty of drinks and a great day is had by all, afterwards everyone heads up town to the pubs and it turns into a huge night and then a huge headache the next morning lol. Then on the Saturday a second race day is on which is again great but more of a family day the kids have a ball and wel lif you are Chelsea eat around 4 Mr Whippy ice creams :0). The weekend is topped of my markets etc on the Sunday. Needless to say had a great weekend, a house full of guests and a rest day today, I will post photo's a bit later on.

I checked out some of my daily blog readings today and came across Michelle Grant and her Blog, this girl is an incredible scrapper and makes the most fabulous tags at ISC, just love your work Michelle can't wait to see what you get up to next.

I also checked out theHarry Potter and the Goblet of Fire I can't wait to take Royce to see it on Dec 1, I think I am more excited than he is to go, I just love these movies.

Well I am totally buggered after my big weekend!!!!

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  1. wow, sounds like a fun weeekend!! And yes, how amazing is Michelle?? That girl rocks!

  2. YOu girls have to stop it!!! I'm turning a bright shade of red now!!!! You girls are too kind!!! It was your winning tag from the Sydney ISC last year that inspired me with mine Kylie!!! It was just gorgeous!!! The mad thing is that I have something totally different in mind for GC next year!!! They are going to be so out there and far from conventional!!! LOL That is if the real thing works out like my idea!! LOL
    I can't wait to see some of your pics from your big weekend!!!
    Take Care!!

  3. Sounds like a great weekend! Super cool that Michelle has a blog now too.

  4. Yes I love Michelle...a fantastic scrapper and a whole lotta fun too!!!