Thursday, October 27, 2005

Challenge from ROZ

Okay Roz I have taken up your challenge and Googled Kylie "needs" here is the results:

  1. Kylie needs a Year off.

  2. Kylie needs luck in love ( already found that one)

  3. Kylie needs her time and privacy

  4. Kylie needs something fresh to focus on

  5. Kylie needs FUMIGATING ( now that is a WHAT THE???)

As you could probally tell most of these needs are linked with Kylie Minogue :0)

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  1. MMMM now can you ensure that you have been fully fumigated before ISC! ;o)

  2. I know isn't that a crack up - don't blame me if you start scratching :0)

  3. OMG- I'm not coming to your place till I see the pest control reciept lmao!!!
    Too funny!
    Roz xo

  4. LOL at your needs...too cute...
    So cool to meet you at ISC...Loving the blog, I love finding new blogs to read!