Thursday, October 27, 2005

Challenge from ROZ

Okay Roz I have taken up your challenge and Googled Kylie "needs" here is the results:

  1. Kylie needs a Year off.

  2. Kylie needs luck in love ( already found that one)

  3. Kylie needs her time and privacy

  4. Kylie needs something fresh to focus on

  5. Kylie needs FUMIGATING ( now that is a WHAT THE???)

As you could probally tell most of these needs are linked with Kylie Minogue :0)

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Wednesday, October 26, 2005


I would just like to thank everyone who has posted on my blog over the last week or so. It has been a very tough time but I have taken comfort in reading everyone's thoughts and comments so thanks very very much.

Okay I decided to post one of my childhood photo's for Lee's challenge - so here it is Lee :0)

This is my first portrait


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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Trying to get Motivated

Well I have been trying to get motivated, which is quite hard at the moment. At the moment I have 5 CJ's in my scrap room and other deadlines that I need to meet. So tonight I gave it a start and have now completed two, thought I better get them finished before I head of the ISC :0). I also have a wedding next week, I am a bridesmaid and Chels is flowergirl so this week will be hectic also THANKGOODNESS I had already made my tags for the Convention oooh I do love to tag swap.

Not sure if my scrapping is up to scratch but I tried :0(.

This CJ is Jodi's from the KSK CJ Group I am a part of - The CJ title is Poems and Quotes, I just added my favourite quotes, because of the way I have added my pages it was very hard to scan.


This CJ is Debbie's and this is the very first CJ group that I started - the girls are very very talented and I am inspired each month by them all.



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Sunday, October 9, 2005

Broken hearted

Hi to everyone,

Just letting you all know that I will not be posted for while to this blog.

Our family has suffered a huge loss this week with the death of my husband father. We are all totally devasted and my children are broken hearted. Ted was a fit and healthy 68 year old man, who was a brillant father and grandfather. Our life has been totally turned upside down. Three days after Ted's death I also lost my grandmother, the children's great mother, again we are all still in shock. She was a beautiful lady and we will miss her dearly. My nan suffered a stroke, I was able to get to the hospital before she was sent to Wagga and had time with her before she passed away.

Thankgoodness for my mother she is my angel I could not have coped without out - so thanks mum I love you.

I just can't seem to focus on too much at the moment as time with my family is the most important at this stage.

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