Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Youv'e got Mail

Yippee - Great Mail day today look what has arrived, oooh I can't wait to crack them open!!


I also received the latest My Reflections and have only now just had the chance to post my thoughts:

I tried to narrow it down to my top 10 :0) - from front to back!!!

  1. Even though Nic Wright's layout "PASSION"is closer to the back it definelty deserved to be in the My Beginning at the front of the book - love this Nic and great photo too.

  2. Loved Kim Archer's "Bookmarks" they are all so  cute but different.

  3. "DAISY" Misshell Lancett this is so adorable - I can see a scraplift coming on with my new Prima Flowers :0).

  4. What a fantastic photo - Maree Clout is one of my favourite scrappers and this "BOYS" layout is just so simple yet so stunning.

  5. "LOVE"     "STAR"     "SIX"  okay these are all great - looks like Carol-Lea Morgan knows her way around a sewing machine - very effective.

  6. Well don't I wish I could take photo's like Rachel Greig - again these photo's are just sensational "Ethan at 3" (he is so cute)

  7. "BLUE-EYED JOE" Love everything about this one. Justine Quinlivan can also take a great pic these photo's are just gorgeous, he looks so cheeky.

  8. Well must be boys this month - "Lazy days of Summer" ooh that blonde hair he will break some hearts Carol-Lea love the simplicity of this one.

  9. "Its all about Attitude at 3" Love everything Julie does so this is no exception, also love this chatterbox paper.

  10. Alison Stafford's "CHEEKY BOY" well this LO is all about the photo and it is just great.

Okay so I am interested to see if you also like the what I have picked - lol.

On a different topic last night David and I watched Coach Carter. We have not watched a movie for a while so it was good to snuggle up. I really enjoyed this one Samuel L Jackson nailed this movie. I actualy saw it on Oprah ages ago so I had been wanting to watch it and I was not dissapointed.

Well I am off on a school excursion today with Royce so I best get this house cleaned up before I go :0(

                          Have a good day

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  1. OH yummmmmmmmmm I love those flowers !! and the CBX luggage looks soo funky!!
    thanks heaps , i haven't got that issue yet!! have to wait for it to hit the shops!

  2. Ohhhh I love your stash that came in the mail today. I too am having a great mail day. :o) But for homeschooling things.

  3. OMG woman... you will be in a flower frenzy!!! I am so jealous!!! My order has yet to come in... and now I'm getting even more impatient. Thanks for the lovely comments re my layouts... can't wait to get my copy so I can check out all the layouts that you mentioned!!

  4. Hi Kylie
    love the flowers think we need these
    please can you let me know when you would like to visit us in Wagga Again as they all want to see what you will be doing next

  5. These flowers look yummy...can't wait to get mine!!!!

  6. Kylie thanks for your kind words about my layout...and I want/need/must have some of those flowers too!!!

  7. Hi Kylie - thanks for your compliments on my layout and photos :)
    Love your little shopping spree :) I'm sure you'll need to let us help you use up all those flowers, ;) LOL...
    I was just thinking of you the other day actually when I came across the tag you made for the last ISC in my box of tricks (which is a box I keep full of all sorts of little trinkets like that)