Sunday, September 25, 2005


Today Royce also had his Football presentation Day, today was like a summers day very warm. The boys had a good run around and received their Under 8's Trophy.


Royce receives his Under's 8's Trophy from his Coach David

All the boys line up for a photo


The boys had a great season and GOODLUCK tommorrow in Sydney playing at the Finals at Telstra Stadium..........

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The EXCITEMENT of it ALL......

Well today Chelsea played in her very first Hockey Grandfinal, oooh I was so proud of her. I have been playing Hockey since I was 6 years old so to see Chelsea in her Uniform lets say I was very proud. Because our town does not have a junior side she plays with the Strykers, Chelsea and Tate another little boy are the yougest in the side and lets say very very much smaller. Although the kids are quite bigger they play very well and there stick and control skills are getting better each game.

Today they WON 6-0 against the Batlow Dreamers and to top the day of Chelsea was awarded the Encouragement Trophy for the Year    YEAH CHELSEA!!!!!   Here are some shots of the day


The C Grade Adelong Strykers

Chelsea and her coach Vanessa




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Thursday, September 22, 2005

On the move again

Well I am out of hospital, after two nights of zero sleep and a very sore tummy - I am pleased to be home that's for sure. Well this week I am just potteting around trying to get organised for our busy busy weekend. Chelsea has her very first hockey grandfinal, Royce has his Football presentation day and on Sunday we are off to Sydney to the Cowboys v Parramatta at Telstra Stadium were Royce will be playing before the main game he soooo excited.

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Monday, September 19, 2005

Filling you IN.....

Well I have had a very busy little week and weekend. Chelsea had her hockey final on Thursday due to the game being washed out last week  - and they won so they are now in the Grandfinal next weekend GO CHELS!!!! Her first Hockey Grandfinal.

The A grade major final was yesterday, our team actually finished on top but we lost last week and had our second chance yesterday. Well it poured and it was so cold we lost 4-2 but played very well considering three of our players were out. I was a little relieved  but kept to myself as I knew I had my op on Monday and just did not know how I was going to tell them that I may not be able to play anyhow did not have too. We had a great season :0). Royce played touch footy in Wagga and it was also very wet and windy we were all pleased to get home and jump in the bath.


Today has been yuck for me - tomorrow I go into hospital for a little op to deal with my endometriosis fingers crossed this will be my last one. I have to drink that really fouls stuff this time and have not been allowed to eat. I am starving and it's not very nice ( I can complain- it's my blog :0) as I am in hospital for 2 days I am trying to get organised today for the rest of the week. Packing, kids school stuff etc.

On a better note next sunday we leave Gundagai at about 6.00am to travel to Sydney were Royce and his under 8's team mates will play at Telstra Stadium before the big final game Royce is so excited, we travel home the same and arrive back in Gundagai at 11.00pm yes it will be a BIG DAY but can't wait.

Then on Monday arvo we head back to Sydney for our holiday to Cairns 10 beautiful days ooh I am excited just hope that I am feeling well. I was luck that my op had been moved forward but am a bit worried about my hectic week. The kids can't wait to swim because we have ben to Cairns before the kids now know what to expect right across from where we saty there is a huge outdoor pool which is open to the public it is salt water sand and all. We will also make the day trip to the barrier reef the kids love to snorkel.

I have my ISC Tag all sorted out and am taking it all with me to try and get them made, as the weekend before ISC I am bridesmaid and my whol week will be shot to pieces. Although before I go I need to get my scrapbooking classes sorted lessons will be on the Friday and I don't get back from Holidays till the Wednesday( I know I am totally insane) but how can refuse 25 little kids :0).

Okay I am out of here you will probally here from me again maybe Wednesday, hope you are all having a great weekend.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Youv'e got Mail

Yippee - Great Mail day today look what has arrived, oooh I can't wait to crack them open!!


I also received the latest My Reflections and have only now just had the chance to post my thoughts:

I tried to narrow it down to my top 10 :0) - from front to back!!!

  1. Even though Nic Wright's layout "PASSION"is closer to the back it definelty deserved to be in the My Beginning at the front of the book - love this Nic and great photo too.

  2. Loved Kim Archer's "Bookmarks" they are all so  cute but different.

  3. "DAISY" Misshell Lancett this is so adorable - I can see a scraplift coming on with my new Prima Flowers :0).

  4. What a fantastic photo - Maree Clout is one of my favourite scrappers and this "BOYS" layout is just so simple yet so stunning.

  5. "LOVE"     "STAR"     "SIX"  okay these are all great - looks like Carol-Lea Morgan knows her way around a sewing machine - very effective.

  6. Well don't I wish I could take photo's like Rachel Greig - again these photo's are just sensational "Ethan at 3" (he is so cute)

  7. "BLUE-EYED JOE" Love everything about this one. Justine Quinlivan can also take a great pic these photo's are just gorgeous, he looks so cheeky.

  8. Well must be boys this month - "Lazy days of Summer" ooh that blonde hair he will break some hearts Carol-Lea love the simplicity of this one.

  9. "Its all about Attitude at 3" Love everything Julie does so this is no exception, also love this chatterbox paper.

  10. Alison Stafford's "CHEEKY BOY" well this LO is all about the photo and it is just great.

Okay so I am interested to see if you also like the what I have picked - lol.

On a different topic last night David and I watched Coach Carter. We have not watched a movie for a while so it was good to snuggle up. I really enjoyed this one Samuel L Jackson nailed this movie. I actualy saw it on Oprah ages ago so I had been wanting to watch it and I was not dissapointed.

Well I am off on a school excursion today with Royce so I best get this house cleaned up before I go :0(

                          Have a good day

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Friday, September 9, 2005

Circle Journal # 3

Well last one is complete:

CJ number 3 - Things That make me Smile This circle journal is Sue's from my Scrappit CJ group, I really liked this topic - so I hope you like what I hve done Sue :0).

All of these CJ I managed to use my Leftovers so I am excited to have used som scraps!!!

Page_1_2 Page_2_opened

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CJ number 2

This CJ is a part of the KSK cirlce Journal that I am in. There are 11 of us and this particular CJ is Belinda's and the topis is "M  O  T  H  E  R  H  O  O  D".

Hope you like it Belinda

Kylies_pages_1_2  Page_1_opened


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Thursday, September 8, 2005

CJ's CJ's CJ's

Well this week I have been cracking down and getting all my Cj's finished and I am on a roll so here is CJ number 1

This CJ is Yvonnne's and the topic is "My One Wish"

Kylies_page_1_3 Kylies_page_2   

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YEAH it has FINALLY arrived

Heidi1 Well after months of waiting and more waiting my "Love your handwiting" - by Heidi Swapp as finally arrived and it was worth the wait I can assure you all. I just can't wait to sit down and read it from cover to cover. After a quick squizz I have notice that there are little assignments to do and the book itself opens up with a pen, ruler, eraser and pacer icluded. There is also a work book. The batteries of flat on my camera so these scans are the best I could do.


Heidi3 H4 H5

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Tuesday, September 6, 2005

The Hen......

Well I am still trying to catch up from my massive weekend in Sydney. I left Saturday morning at 6.00am with a car load to the big smoke for my Aunyt's hens night. We shopped all day in the city and then had a really nice tea and too many red wines at the Coronation Hotel inthe CBD. Img_0019Of course as I am bridesmaid I had to dress her up  _ I think she looks very old maidy (he he he). Sunday morning we then headed to the markets.

I arrived home late Sunday arvo the kids were very keen to see me, and I was in bed by 9.00pm that is way way way early for me. But we all had a great night and now we are counting the days to the big day.

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Thursday, September 1, 2005

The Run down.....

After spending the morning cleaning up and trying to get organised and stressing out because I can't seem to get ahead, I am sitting down to take a break and let you all know what I am up to.

Last night I had scrap classes was meant to me tonight but had to push it a day early. The class went well and the girls are all very keen for next class, I have been showing the girls my CJ's and they are now planning one of their own.

Royce and I are off to Albury later today, with his Nan and Pop. Royce his has an Athletics carnival tomorrow and has the bus is leaving way too early we have decided to go down tonight and stay as the carnival starts at 8.30am. Albury is a good two hours in a car from Gundagai.

Okay then tommorrow arvo when I get home I will be busily getting the house organised for David and the kids for sport etc as I am heading to Sydney early Saturday Morning for a hens night. Should be a great night with lots of shopping included. I stopped of at the OP SHOP this morning and picked up some really tragic stuff sor the bride to wear (ROFL) she will hate me!!!!!

So all in all I am in for a busy weekend, therefore you wil not catch me online so all have a great weekend and take it easy.

Here is a quick LO I completed of my little nephew Clay.


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