Tuesday, August 23, 2005

This and That

Well our weekend started of with cold and wet weather Chels and my Hockey games were called of and Royce played. He has been busting all year for wet weather and on his last game that's what they had. The Tigers played the Temora Dragons the 1st round Temora beat us the 2nd round it was a draw and on Saturday we won 48-12, the boys played fantastic and has a team Royce scrored 2 tries and converted he was a happery camper. We then headed to the club for luunch it was good not to have a relaxing arvo. Chelsea had a friend stay for the night, they both had their last Ballet lessons before exams on Staurday arvo.

Well Monday arrived and Chelsea had her Ballet exam she looked so pretty, she came out all excited and said she remembered all her steps (phew). Now they will get their dance ready for the end of year concert.I will post the photo's soon mum.

Soon I am off to Wagga to take Chelsea over to be fitted for her flowergirl dress not only is she excited about this but because I am picking her up from school early, it is also giving me the chance to pick up a few things, I have a deb ball on at the weekend and I have scrapbooking classess in Wagga so I need some things for these also.

My scrap studio is again a DISGRACE I just can't seem to keep it clean, tonight I will clean it as there is no way I can prepare class stuff in such a mess. Last night I completed my pages for a CJ group that I am in as there are 18 of us I am trying to keep my pages no so lumpy bumpy and believe it for me this is quite hard.

The CJ is Bet you didn't Know.......


In short the entry reads...............

  • I am a Justice of the Peace

  • I am studying to be a Teachers' Aide

  • I am addicted to chocolate

  • I have just recently kicked my 3 cans or more day Coco Cola habit

  • I couldn't divve into a swimming pool til at least 16 but could swim like a fish

  • Met David when I was 16 he was 22

  • Married after we had our little Boy Royce

  • Mum to Royce & Chelsea

  • Have 2 sisters one older and one younger and a younger brother

  • my parents are seperated

  • I have been knocked out 3 times last time fell out of a walnut tree and broke off my front teeth

  • I wonthe Pody calf ride at the local Rodeo aged 10 - the Boys were not happy :0)

  • I love to play sport especially Hockey and Touch Football, have been in way too many to count A grade women's finals and only lost 2 of them

  • My husband is a builder/concretor, I am a SAHM did work as a pay clerk at the council before moving to an Accountants in Tumut.

  • Dabid and I are owners of the Bayview Hotel in Bateman's Bay and the Hotel Coronation in Sydney which is across the road from the QVB or right next door to Town hall.

  • I have been diagonsed with Endrometriosis and have been trying for around 2 years for another baby, I am blessed with two children so all I can say is that we are havng fun trying seriously though some people go through life without ever experiencing motherhood so I we will tkae it as it comes.

  • I scrapbook everyday mainly at night and until the wee hours of the morning.

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  1. Awesome entry girl!!! Oh love learning those little bits n pieces about you that I didn't know.

  2. I agree.. cool to find out all this stuff about you Kylie!! You and my dh would get on so well.. he is a touch footy nut too!!

  3. wow!! this is fantastic Kylie!! What wonderful journalling, great info!! And what a page!! absolutely stunning!!
    Roz xo

  4. Thanks for sharing all that stuff about you!!!! Sorry about the endo!!!! I know friends who really suffer with that!!! I am a JP too!!!