Wednesday, August 17, 2005

SAD :0( BUT TRUE !!!!!

Okay girls the wait is over me - this morning I received my Masters back in the mail, yep normally I am happy to receive parcels in the mail but not today. It is quite stange the feeling get when your work comes back it is definetley a yucky feeling.

But I am quite surprised how well I have bounced back  - maybe because I also received a CJ in the mail and it has inspired me to keep on Scrapping or it could be for the fact that hey the big picture is I Scrap for me. Sure it would have been nice but it does not matter if I am a Master or not I am still going to scrap.

So good luck all your girls that still have not received yucky mail - my fingers are crossed for you all :0)!!!

Last night I also completed making my A - Z album I wanted to make my album from scratch so I used a technique that Fiona Carter displayed in last months SM using the twill tape and with a little guidance from Fiona herself here it is - a 8 x 8 album with lots of ribbon and the ABC charms hanging from the pins down the spine.... My theme is A - Z of  the Tout Family 2005, thought it would be great in years to come to pick up this album and have memories of 2005.....Az_album_cover I like it :0).

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  1. OMG Kylie, I am so so sorry that you got your stuff back {{big hugs}} and I am also very very shocked- you were on my list missy!!
    Love this album, it looks fabulous!! Can't wait to see the pages as you go!
    Chin up mate, you are awesome, and you don't need some people from a mag to tell you so!!
    Roz xo

  2. No way!!! I was certain you were going to be there this year. Ah what do they know anyway. I love your stuff so does that count? ;o)
    Oh love the album.

  3. OMG (ditto!!) no way !! oh I'm soooo sorry that that you got your stuff back kylie *hugz HUGz* you know i love your stuff girl, so don't ever quit scrapping .. Like Roz said you don't need some silly mag to tell you your good !! Gorgeous Album cover!! looking forward to seeing the inside pages :)

  4. So sorry to hear that Kylie.. but you know that I (along with heaps of others) think your work is awesome! Glad to hear that you recovered quickly! At least you are scrapping for the right reasons!

  5. Oh hugs to you Kylie, what a poo bum.
    Your work is amazing and gorgeous all rolled into one:O)

  6. Sorry to hear you didn't make it. Their loss.
    Love you A-Z album. My fav bit is the spine - the ribbon and abc charms down the side look gorgeous. Such a clever girl you are!

  7. Kylie...can't believe you got your stuff back. But I love your attitude. And roz is have heaps of fans out included!!! This album looks divine and I have always wanted to try one...this is very inspiring