Friday, August 19, 2005

My new CJ

Well I have just about finished my Yellow CJ I just have my 2 pages to add and it will be all complete. I have never really thought about scrapping yellow before and thought it would be hard. BUT it wasn't it was fun and you will never imagine all that is Yellow that I have added to my CJ lol. Hope Nic, Lee, Kate, Jane, Melissa and Amy like it.

Front Cover


Welcome Pages

Welcome_page Disc                                          

Sign In Pages

Sign_in_tags Sign_in_tags_2

and these are some of my pages - ran out of phot paper so I will post the rest tommorrow :0).......

Page_1 Kylies_pages

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  1. wow Kylie- this is gorgeous!! I am sure all the girls will love it!!

  2. Wowee kylie this is stunning !! i have to admit - ummm yellow not a colour i would normally scrap !! but i'm so up for the challenge !! can't wait to see it IRL :).. stunning!! oh i think i ready have a theme yipee LOL

  3. Wow Kylie ...this is awesome!!! For someone who didn't like yellow you sure had a heap of stuff!!!