Thursday, August 11, 2005

Inspiration Scrapbook Convention

     Well it's offical I am no: 55

Just booked for the ISC and can't wait to get there!!!

My Classes are:

Sat Sessions

  • 1 Spice it Up - Anita Oldham

  • 2 Take-out Treasures - Kerrin Quall

  • 3 These are My Favourites - Kate Mason

Sun Sessions

  • 1 Anything Goes Tags! - Heidi Grace

  • 2 Summer Sensation - Julie Mathews

  • 3 The White Album - Kate Mason

Yeah Kate can't wait to do your classes :0)

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  1. Hey what cool classes!!!! ;o)
    LOL Can't wait

  2. Hey thanks!!! Honoured that you chose to do some of my classes!!!! Such a great SBoxx DT entry too BTW!!! Oh & I fixed up my blog, sorry buddy, back to one listing for you now. Your not so important anymore LOL Kidding :O)