Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I've Been Tagged !!!

I've been tagged.... Ok so Lee has tagged me, so here it goes.

5 random thing about me.

1. I have been knocked out on several occasions - once I was climbing a Walnut tree at my Nan and Pops and fell and smashed all my two front teeth, the upside was that it was at Easter and the Easter bunny came to me at home and in Hospital :0), down side is that I still have trouble with my caps :0(.

2. I love to play sports - Touch Football in the summer and Hockey in the winter, hate to ever think what I will do when I am to old and fragile to play.

3. I have an older sister a younger sister and a younger brother, my parents are separated. I have an Aunty who is only five weekes older than me so we are like sisters, and I was lucky enough to have all of my great grandparents bar one my Great Nan on my mum's mothers side.

4. I won the Poddy calf ride at the local Rodeo and beat all the boys - (they were not impressed.

5. Two things make me just about physically sick Leeches I am terrifed of Leeches even the thought of them makes my skin crawl and Sambouka (not sure on the spelling) I drank so much one night that now I can't even eat, smell or look at licorice.

Ok Nic Wright consider yourself tagged. ;o)

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  1. LOL great to read all about you

  2. thanks Kylie :0 ... yep I'm back and my computer is fixed yipeee !!! talk about withdrawals LOL .. still not printer grrrr chat soon .. to much to read LOL

  3. Interesting stuff.....I had the same experience with bourbon