Thursday, August 4, 2005

Creative or not so Creative

Well girls - please take no offence 2 comments in this post in regards to Creative Memories, I know I know they were the beginning of our whole Scrapbooking world but PLEASE, out of good faith and for a dear friend I attended a Creative Memories party on Sunday. For me personnaly it was a total wasted day of great scrapbooking that could have been had at home. We payed $10.00 to do do two pages for that $10.00 we got the choice of two cardboard strips and two cardboard triangles, not very generous.

My pages are below and beileve me this is all I could do with what I was given, I added chalk to one of them and was told that I should not really be adding chalk :0 ( 

um naughty me!!!

Anyone it was a relief to get back to my beloved Scrap Studio lol & back to lumpy bumpy!!! bright pages.

Creative_mem Creative_mem_2jpg

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  1. Well Kylie with what you where given you have done a gorgeous job !! I agree with your statement about CM , it's there way or no way, to me that is wrong and limits peoples creativity !!!

  2. Hey I think you have done a great job considering.

  3. ditto! I think you've created masterpieces considering the 'environment' lol!!!

  4. Ditto to all the dittos. Looks great!!! And aren't you a good friend!!!